Expectations of the CDAO Role and Team: Current reality vs future aspirations

The understanding of and expectations for the CDAO role and team have yet to reach standardization across industries and amongst organizations.

The panelists discuss: 

  • What are some common beliefs that fellow C-Suite members hold about the role and responsibilities of the CDAO team? How should the current mindset change and mature in the future?

  • Which role is best positioned to own AI in large organizations? How does a CDAO complement or take on the leadership position for proper AI use and implementation? 

  • Keeping in mind that the average tenure for a CDAO is often cited as less than 3 years, who are key success partners for CDAOs to reverse this trend? What does an ideal internal and external support system look like for future CDAOs?


  • Valerie Logan, CEO & Founder, Data Lodge


  • Jason Beyer, Vice President, Data & Analytics, Bridgestone

  • Craig Brabec, Former Senior VP, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Best Buy

  • Esther Munyi, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Sasfin Bank

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