OpenAI Bans ChatGPT Use in Political Campaigning

OpenAI rolled out fresh policy updates in anticipation of the upcoming 2024 elections globally. These updates aim to mitigate potential misuse and dissemination of misinformation through generative AI.
OpenAI Bans ChatGPT Use in Political Campaigning

AI startup OpenAI has now prohibited the use of ChatGPT in political campaigning and lobbying applications until achieving a thorough understanding of their impact on personalized persuasion.

As per an company blog, activities such as impersonation, voter discouragement, and misrepresentation of voting processes are explicitly forbidden to uphold trust in the system.

“We don’t allow applications that deter people from participation in democratic processes—for example, misrepresenting voting processes and qualifications (e.g., when, where, or who is eligible to vote) or that discourage voting (e.g., claiming a vote is meaningless),” the blog mentioned.

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OpenAI Bans ChatGPT Use in Political Campaigning

Additionally, the company is actively working on a provenance classifier tool for images generated by DALL·E. This tool is designed to enhance transparency, allowing users to verify the tools utilized in the creation of generated images.

OpenAI is also working with the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), a nonpartisan professional organization for public officials in the U.S. to enhance the availability of reliable voting details. ChatGPT will guide users to, the trusted platform for U.S. voting information when they inquire about procedural election details, such as polling locations.

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