Elsevier Health’s ClinicalKey AI Tool Aids Doctors With Decision Support

The clinical decision support tool is built in collaboration with OpenEvidence, a company specializing in AI for medicine.
Elsevier Health’s ClinicalKey AI Tool Aids Doctors With Decision Support

Elsevier Health has launched ClinicalKey AI, a clinical decision support tool in collaboration with OpenEvidence, specializing in AI for medicine. Developed with input from Cone Health, the University of New Mexico, and over 30,000 U.S. physicians, ClinicalKey AI combines generative AI with reliable medical content to aid clinicians at the point of care.

The tool grants secure access to vast medical resources, including journals, medication information, and textbooks like Braunwald’s Heart Disease and Goldman-Cecil Medicine.

After a successful early access release in November 2023, ClinicalKey AI is now available across the US, with plans for launches in other regions.

Addressing clinician challenges

Given the growing need for accessible, evidence-based medical information and the rising complexity of cases and staffing challenges faced by clinicians, ClinicalKey AI provides a conversational search interface that draws from one of the world’s largest and most trusted medical information databases.

The tool is designed to offer curated content and continuously updated evidence-based research, aiding clinicians in various healthcare settings.

ClinicalKey AI’s features include a natural language query interface, accurate information from multiple evidence-based sources, summarized responses with references, consideration of patient context, personalized responses based on the clinician’s profile, follow-up question capability, and licensed content for confidence in information use.

Jan Herzhoff, Ph.D., President of Elsevier Health, states that ClinicalKey AI represents a significant leap in how clinicians access evidence-based information, offering faster and more precise answers to a range of clinical questions.

Jeetu Nanda, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, at Cone Health, emphasizes the positive feedback received from clinicians currently using ClinicalKey AI, expressing excitement about the tool's rollout across their healthcare system. 

“At the heart of our mission is the patient, and we are committed to providing physicians with the tools they need to make informed decisions,” Nanda added.

Dusadee Sarangarm, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer at the University of New Mexico Health, believes that generative AI tools like ClinicalKey enhance doctors’ expertise by providing instant access to vast medical knowledge at the bedside.

ClinicalKey AI builds upon the success of ClinicalKey, Elsevier Health’s flagship offering used globally by hospital systems and medical schools.

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