Cognizant and NVIDIA Partner to Improve Drug Discovery with GenAI

This will allow the IT giant to use NVIDIA’s GenAI to improve the drug discovery process for clients.
Cognizant and NVIDIA Partner to Improve Drug Discovery with GenAI
Representative image. Source: Nvidia

IT services and consulting company Cognizant has partnered with NVIDIA to leverage its generative AI-based drug discovery platform BioNeMo and improve healthcare and life sciences.

Through collaboration with NVIDIA, Cognizant aims to provide life sciences clients with a range of model-making services, including pre-trained models and advanced frameworks, streamlining the training and customization of enterprise models without extensive manual intervention or infrastructure management.

"More than any other technological breakthrough in recent decades, generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the way new drugs are researched, developed, and brought to market, making the creation of lifesaving discoveries faster, smarter, and more accessible to all," says Anna Elango, EVP, Cognizant's Core Technologies and Insights. 

"Generative AI will drive the next wave of enterprise productivity gains across industries, enabled by the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform," says Alvin DaCosta, VP, Global Consulting Partner Organization, NVIDIA.

It is also collaborating with leading firms in pharmaceuticals and medical devices spanning the entire life sciences value chain, supporting innovation, patient-centric approaches, and improved interactions with healthcare professionals.

Traditional methods are tricky and costly, often resulting in lengthy development cycles and high failure rates. Gen AI offers a solution by swiftly analyzing vast datasets, predicting drug interactions, and devising new development pathways.

Beyond healthcare, Cognizant plans to explore generative AI applications in manufacturing and automotive engineering, aiming to enhance productivity and innovation. To further innovation, Cognizant plans to establish an NVIDIA AI Center of Excellence, leveraging NVIDIA’s tech capabilities such as Metropolis, Omniverse, and AI Enterprise to benefit clients worldwide.

Earlier this month, the company unveiled its advanced AI Lab in San Francisco. The lab, staffed by a team of experienced researchers and developers, will work closely with research institutions, customers, and startups to drive AI advancements.

With a focus on generative AI, the lab already has 75 patents. This initiative aligns with Cognizant's pledge to invest US$ 1 billion in generative AI over the next three years.

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