YUM! Brands CISO: You Can't Have Digital Transformation Without Security

Elias Oxendine IV, VP and Chief Information Security Officer of YUM! Brands, speaks with Adam Darrah, Senior Director of Dark Ops at ZeroFox, about the role of security in business decision making, using cyber intelligence for security decision-making, a proactive approach to cybersecurity, and the future of customer data handling.

Oxendine says YUM! Brands’ accelerated digital transformation during COVID required the creation of more digital assets — like websites and mobile apps – which made cybersecurity even more relevant.

Oxendine highlights how creating greater customer value from data requires combining security with data or information governance. It is key to having the best data for making informed decisions about customers and marketing.

He emphasizes that cybersecurity professionals must be more proactive in finding gaps and making appropriate security investments instead of being reactive.

Oxendine, sharing his views on the future of customer data handling, says there will be more regulations across global markets. He urges brands to maintain customers’ trust regarding data to ensure they continue as repeat customers.

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