WDP Intro Session (Marla Dans)

The demands for data leaders are rising exponentially as organizations try to navigate the rapidly evolving data and AI landscape.  In this session our keynote speaker address:

  • What do you need to consider when leading your organization on this transformation journey?

  • AI won’t be intelligent without good data - why data management is a key enabler

  • Who is in the Data and AI Ecosystem and how to cultivate your partnerships for success?

  • What are the implications of the emerging regulatory frameworks?

  • From digital literacy to  Data and AI Acumen - why you need to invest in upskilling talent at every level of your organization

  • The promise and the peril - Data Leadership for responsible and ethical use of Data and AI.

Tune in to watch how the leaders in this summit chart the path forward, redefine leadership in the age of Data and AI and empower women to lead the charge.


  • Marla Dans, WDP Co-Lead / Chicago Trading Company, Head of Data Management and Governance

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