(US & Canada) | Students Will Be Using More of AI to Achieve Things Faster — GovSmart Federal CTO

Randy Berger, Federal CTO at GovSmart, speaks with Katya Mijatovic, Principal Data Scientist at Data Society and CDO Magazine Editorial Board Member, about data fabrics, the approach to implementing technology, and how technologies like AI will be impacting students.

Mijatovic interviewed Berger on the sidelines of the recently conducted AFCEA CeVA Data Centric Summit.

Sharing a key takeaway for the audience Berger highlights the significance of data fabrics in centralizing data access on a global scale. He notes the positive reception of this concept by Chief Data Officers, indicating its growing recognition within the industry.

In terms of technology adoption, Berger underscores the rapid pace of change driven by advancements in communication and the ease of accessing expert knowledge through AI. He predicts that quantum technology and advancements in medicine will be the next significant leaps, particularly emphasizing the transformative potential of medical breakthroughs in the coming decade.

Reflecting on the past, Berger identifies smartphones as the most groundbreaking technology due to their transformative impact on global communication. He emphasizes their role in facilitating low-cost communication across vast distances, citing personal experiences of using phones seamlessly between different continents.

When discussing the training and upskilling needs for technology adoption within organizations, Berger emphasizes the importance of cultivating the necessary skillsets and mindsets. He illustrates this point with examples from academia, highlighting differing approaches to integrating AI into education.

While acknowledging the importance of foundational knowledge in technology, Berger anticipates a significant shift towards greater utilization of AI by students in fields like programming to achieve things faster.

CDO Magazine appreciates Randy Berger for sharing his insights with our global community.

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