A First-of-Its-Kind Show

A First-of-Its-Kind Show

Doug Hart wants to create a unique show experience. Music Hall will be transformed Nov. 1-2 into an intimate show featuring Greater Cincinnati’s most talented architects, interior designers, kitchen de- signers, remodelers, landscape designers, craftsman, furniture makers and cabinet makers. DesignBuildCincy will connect discerning buyers who care about quality, design, craftsmanship and outstanding products with the best providers in the city.

Hart is no stranger to the trade show industry. He started working for his family’s company, Hart Productions, in the mid-1980s. In

2008 as president of Hart Productions, he sold his ownership and began working as a consultant for companies throughout the Midwest, helping to formulate new strategies to revitalize show floors.

Hart soon realized there was something missing in the Cincinnati market. As a result he began planning DesignBuildCincy.

"I thought there was a real void in the marketplace for homeowners and small business owners who are looking for architecture, building and design services," says Hart. "Our focus is on custom and luxury products as well as services for people who are hiring an interior designer or architect. There isn’t a show in Cincinnati where you can go meet architects, interior designers, cabinetmakers and furniture makers. Most of our vendors aren’t showing in other shows in the city because the audience at the other shows in many cases isn’t the right audience for them. So we felt like we could bring their audience to a venue like Music Hall."

Hart selected Music Hall for its iconic architecture. The fact that it is located in Over-the-Rhine was a bonus. Guests are encouraged to not only enjoy the show but to explore the neighborhood as well. From the restaurants to Washington Park to neighborhood shops, Over-the-Rhine is a unique experience similar to Hart’s show.

"We wanted Over-the-Rhine to be a backdrop for the show," says Hart. "We wanted the show experience to be very different so you’re going to come to the show where the vendors are very different from other shows and you’re going to experience a neighborhood where there is so much beautiful architecture right outside Music Hall."

At DesignBuildCincy guests can expect to experience the very best in the region. Industry professionals from more than 125 vendors will be on hand to answer any questions a guest may have.

DesignBuildCincy is 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 1-2. Admission is $10 and free for children under 13. 

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