United We Care Unveils Stella 2.0 - First Ever Global Virtual Coach: Transforming from Generative AI to Cognitive AI

Ritu Mehrotra, the Founder & CEO of United We Care
Ritu Mehrotra, the Founder & CEO of United We Care

(US and Canada) United We Care is proud to disrupt a groundbreaking leap in the evolution of its virtual global wellness coach, Stella 2.0.

"As the global mental health crisis deepens, we are making the big moves to address the needs of individuals by introducing Stella 2.0, a transformative shift from Generative AI to a Cognitive AI Conversational Global Virtual Coach who can interact in over 20+ languages, detect almost all human emotions and can assess with over 90% efficacy. Mental health challenges have grown to unprecedented levels, with one in four individuals, as reported by the World Health Organization, experiencing mental or neurological disorders during their lifetime," said Ms. Ritu Mehrotra, the Founder & CEO of United We Care.

Accessible and affordable mental health services have remained a constant global challenge, United We Care brings in preventive and diagnostic care via AI and Deep Tech to this pressing global issue. Stella 2.0 understands and engages with users on a deeper level, but also ensures that the accessibility is available to billions without making a hole in pocket thus reducing the expense burden on the healthcare systems, caregivers, enterprises, individuals and billions at large.

Dr. Zereana Jess-Huff, SVP, North America at United We Care says, "With Stella 2.0, users can expect: Enhanced Emotional Understanding. Stella 2.0's cognitive capabilities enable her to understand and respond to a wide spectrum of emotions with greater depth, efficacy and empathy. Stella 2.0 is a testament to UWC's commitment to addressing the global mental health crisis specially in the US. We aim to make mental health care more accessible and personalized than ever before. In this era where technology meets the human touch, Stella 2.0 represents a milestone in the mental wellness space."

United We Care is disrupting the way Generative AI will be used globally to make it more affordable and accessible by billions by ensuring collaborative support in working closely with Healthcare Systems, Entreprises, EAP and Insurance Service providers.

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