Brings its Sales Industry-Leading AI platform to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Lori Lamkin, CVP of D365 Sales & Marketing, Microsoft
Lori Lamkin, CVP of D365 Sales & Marketing, Microsoft

(US and Canada), a leading enterprise AI platform for sales announces a new integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Sales organizations now have data-backed, AI-powered insights right inside their Dynamics 365 Sales CRM to unlock the complete story of every account and opportunity.

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Lori Lamkin, CVP of D365 Sales & Marketing, Microsoft

Go-to-market organizations have traditionally struggled to find a way to access and understand unstructured data that is siloed across different tools. solves that problem by automatically capturing sales-related activity data and using proprietary matching technology to record it into the correct accounts and opportunities in a customers' CRM. This creates an accurate record of everything happening across the sales organization. The platform then analyzes that complete set of data to provide deeply valuable and easy-to-understand context about contacts, accounts, and opportunities.

With this new integration, Dynamics 365 Sales users will have a practical way to leverage to unlock additional insights from their CRM and other GTM tools. This includes:

  • Unify data from across the sales ecosystem: Dynamics 365 Customers will now be able to leverage to connect scattered data from customer engagement tools across the entire sales ecosystem and bring it into the flow of work within Dynamics 365 Sales.

  • Enhance existing CRM with access to billions of data insights: Dynamics 365 Sales customers will get to utilize's proprietary AI insights that are built on nearly a decade of collecting and organizing billions of B2B sales activity data. The result is a purpose-built AI platform for sales teams that is able to deeply understand sellers and buyers and work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Visibility across multi-CRM environments: starts unifying data sources and generating insights right away so Dynamics 365 Sales users get immediate value during CRM migrations, without losing any visibility across multiple-CRM environments.

  • Improve CRM data quality: uses patented technology to automatically and correctly associate all sales touch points with the correct account opportunity in a customer's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM. This creates an accurate record of everything happening across the sales organization and provides more valuable AI-generated insights.

  • AI-powered next steps: Powered by's proprietary AI insights, Dynamics 365 Sales users are able to unlock insights on actions they can take to drive deal execution such as increasing engagement with specific contacts, connecting with additional high value stakeholders, or mitigating potential risk.

" adds immediate value and next-level capabilities for Microsoft 365 Dynamics Sales users," said Oleg Rogynskyy, Founder and CEO at "Generative AI gives every member of a sales team the information they need to pull the right levers on every account. We're instantly giving them the complete story of everything going on across their go-to-market organization. It's a competitive advantage that puts those who have it miles ahead of their competitors who don't."

"We are thrilled to expand our relationship with into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales," said Lori Lamkin, CVP of D365 Sales & Marketing "Together we are providing customers with an easy way to unify sales activity data, surface meaningful insights, and ultimately improve seller efficiency inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Copilot for Sales, bringing the insights right where teams are already working. This new integration will help decrease time to value with AI tools that are easy to use and backed by comprehensive data."

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