Learn.xyz Bags $3M Seed Funding; Rolls Out First-of-Its-Kind AI-Powered Social Learning App Globally

Christian Byza, Learn.xyz CEO and Co-Founder
Christian Byza, Learn.xyz CEO and Co-Founder

(US and Canada) Learn.xyz, a generative AI learning startup, announced today the launch of its fully AI-powered social learning app on iOS and Android on the heels of closing a $3 million seed financing round.

Launching to a global market today, the app allows users to learn about any topic, in almost any language.

"For the first time ever, thanks to AI, we can bring education to a true mass market," said Learn.xyz CEO and Co-Founder Christian Byza. "Growing up abroad, and being lucky enough to have access to a free school system, this is a mission that is near and dear to both of our hearts."

"By making learning casual, fun, and social, we believe we can motivate a massive audience," added CTO and Co-Founder Arndt Voges. "We've all been there, feeling like we are wasting precious time on social media — Learn.xyz strives to be the app you feel great about spending time in."

Learn.xyz's app is like a mixture of Duolingo and Wikipedia, powered by AI, creating bite-sized "Curiosities" which feature slides and a quiz, in mere seconds just from taking in a user's question.

The company launched into closed beta in March, and its early adopters have created more than 60,000 Curiosities to date. These Curiosities cover every imaginable topic, from history to physics to biology to sports.

"The incredible variety of our users' questions amazes us every day," said Byza. "Social learning is the perfect use case for Generative Artificial Intelligence and LLMs — it's the new electricity, allowing us to build completely new business models that were not possible previously."

Learn.xyz's $3M seed round is led by Blockchange Ventures with support from Borderless Capital, Vanagon Ventures, w3.fund, and Power of N. Additionally, individuals including LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky and Go1 Founder Andrew Barnes participated in the round.

The Learn.xyz team has talent from LinkedIn, Stripe, Meta, Peerspace, and an octopus mascot called "Lumi."

Advisors include Kai Roemmelt, CEO and board member of e-learning giant Udacity, and Tanya Staples, former executive at LinkedIn Learning.

"What the Learn.xyz team has built is truly exciting; with users from more than 150 countries, they are a global product already, despite just coming out of beta. This is a significant head start in an industry that will grow quickly. We are excited to be early partners with the Learn.xyz team," said Cailleach DI Weingart-Ryan, Partner at Blockchange Ventures.

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