Inverted AI Secures Seed Round for Generative AI in AV/ADAS Development

Frank Wood, CEO of Inverted AI
Frank Wood, CEO of Inverted AI

(US and Canada) Inverted AI, a world-class generative AI company for AV/ADAS development, is pleased to announce it has secured over $4 million USD in institutional early stage financing, led by Yaletown Partners, and including strategic investors such as Blue Titan Ventures, Dasein Capital, Inovia Capital, Defined, and WUTIF.

The funding enables Inverted AI to further accelerate and expand its product offerings, including those based on its leading ITRA (Imagining the Road Ahead) technology, as the leader in providing behavioral models accelerating safe commercial deployment of autonomous solutions including advanced ADAS, autonomous vehicles and robots, and a full range of realistic, simulation-based systems. ITRA enables longer and more complex simulation scenarios that can be used to test the ADAS/AV system against the full range of behaviors displayed by the human road users around it. Our technology helps ensure the safety of ADAS and AV systems while significantly reducing development costs and time by enabling a full range of diverse and realistic testing scenarios.

"Inverted AI's predictive human behavioral models are designed to bring the most realistic behavior to simulation based on massive quantities of video data, that result in simulations with reactive, diverse, and realistic NPCs across vehicle classes and pedestrians." said Frank Wood, CEO of Inverted AI. "We're grateful for Yaletown Partners leadership and technology expertise - and ability to help us scale." Yaletown has invested in 75+ technology-driven companies across North America, developing a strong roster of portfolio companies, and has a total enterprise value exposure that exceeds $10Bn. "The opportunity of generative AI to advance adaptive systems and accelerate the convergence of simulation and real-world applications, in our view, is one of the great thematic changes underway. Inverted AI is an extraordinary team that has created the world's leading foundational models in generative AI for human behavior with the potential to unlock significant value in all areas of autonomy," observed Eric Bukovinsky, Partner at Yaletown Partners.

Inverted AI currently offers API access to DRIVE, with our leading human-like non-playable character (NPCs) driving behaviors that are diverse, realistic, and reactive and INITIALIZE, with realistic and diverse agent placements. The company has begun beta testing new products including BLAME, which can automatically determine which agent(s) caused a collision and why from logs to efficiently validate simulations, and SCENARIO, enabling whole-scene scenario generation with realistic, reactive, and diverse agents inc. pedestrians, bikes, cars, buses, and lights. The company recently launched a new site with an interactive demo of the API and the ability for researchers and developers to sign-up for a trial API key.

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