Fivetran Unveils Software Developer Kits for Connectors and Destinations

Enables Third-Party Vendors to Build Integrations on Fivetran’s Robust Infrastructure, Unlocking Extensive Compatibility with Data Sources and Integrations
Fraser Harris, VP of Product at Fivetran
Fraser Harris, VP of Product at Fivetran

(US and Canada) Fivetran, the global leader in automated data movement, today announced the launch of two new software developer kits (SDKs) for data source connectors and target destinations. These new SDKs enable third-party vendors to easily develop new connectors and destinations on Fivetran’s powerful platform – unlocking compatibility with their product and Fivetran’s expansive network of 400+ connectors, 14 destinations and 45,000+ users across the globe. The SDK program opens the door for third-party vendors to amplify their platform extensibility and reach Fivetran’s robust and growing data movement ecosystem, with a single, easy-to-use implementation.

Fivetran is building hundreds of connectors via our By Request program. More complex databases and API-enabled software vendors can become Fivetran source partners by writing their own integration on the Connector SDK. Fivetran connectors add value by providing customers with an easy, automated and reliable way to move their data to their destination of choice, efficiently and in an analytic-ready format, for analysis and enrichment with other data. 

Data warehouse, data lake and storage vendors can leverage the destination SDK for Fivetran to easily allow joint customers to load their critical business data from any of Fivetran’s 400+ connectors to their destination platform. Centralizing data into a single destination empowers customers to access analytical and transactional data for reporting, efficiencies and predictive analytics.

"Companies that need to unlock data for their customers can leverage Fivetran's infrastructure to build highly secure and scalable connectors and destinations that operate no differently than our native builds," said Fraser Harris, VP of Product at Fivetran. "This is a huge value-add for data source and destination vendors, allowing source vendors to take advantage of the Fivetran network and all its destinations, and destination vendors to activate their product with Fivetran’s extensive and ever-growing list of connectors.”

Key Features and Benefits

  • Language agnostic: The gRPC-based SDK allows connectors and destinations to be written in any supported programming language, offering enormous flexibility for developers to reuse existing code or write new code in their language of choice. 

  • Reduced complexity: The SDK provides templates and a mock environment, allowing third-party vendors to test and deploy connectors with minimum hassle.

  • The Connector SDK gives vendors an easy way to provide their customers with a user-friendly solution to sync data between their platform to any Fivetran destination, such as OLAP databases, to power their analytic use cases. 

  • The Destination SDK offers data warehouse, data lake and storage companies new channels for product activation, giving their customers easy access to 400+ compatible connectors on the Fivetran platform. 

What Vendors Are Saying

“Fivetran's gRPC connector interface is well-designed and a joy to implement. The team is great to work with and very receptive to our feedback. We're really excited to offer our customers a robust, easy-to-use ETL pipeline for analyzing data from their PlanetScale database in their tool of choice,” said Phani Raju, Senior Engineer at PlanetScale.

“Writing a connector for Fivetran was a great experience. It’s easy to do and the interface is clearly thought through, especially when it comes to schema changes and transactional data syncs. The gRPC service definitions let you re-use your existing code in whatever language you use. The quick responsiveness from the Fivetran team has been really refreshing as well after our experience with other data sync connector vendors,” said Nipunn Koorapati, Senior Engineer at Convex.

“MotherDuck and Fivetran share the same value of making data analytics easy and accessible to businesses of all sizes," said Elena Felder, Software Engineer at MotherDuck. “We are excited to integrate with Fivetran's new Destination SDK as an official destination in the Fivetran platform, and have loved the collaboration thus far.” 

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