Outperforms OpenAI and Sets New Industry Standard for Answer Accuracy in Industry RAG Benchmark

Alden do Rosario, CEO and Founder
Alden do Rosario, CEO and Founder

(US and CanadaIn a groundbreaking demonstration of its capabilities, has surpassed industry giants in the latest independent Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) benchmark evaluations conducted by, a pioneer in data mimicking and de-identification. The findings set a new standard for accuracy and answer quality in the field of artificial intelligence technology. is among the first AI tech companies offering a no-code business-grade platform empowering organizations to build hyper-personalized ChatGPT-style AI using their own data and deliver answers in real time based on that data.

" is the clear winner in this RAG face-off," shares Adam Kamor, PhD, in a February 27, 2024 Tonic blog. "Of note,'s median score was a 5, something not seen before by the RAG assistants we've evaluated. It is easy to configure, just like OpenAI, but answer quality was superior."

Kamor, Tonic's co-founder and head of engineering, collaborated with colleagues to publish results from six RAG evaluations. Others include Google's Vertex Search and Conversation, Amazon Titan and Cohere.

" powers MIT Orbit, a popular one-stop shop for MIT entrepreneurs seeking resources and connection with community," stated Doug Williams, product lead at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. "We uploaded documents, help desk repositories, YouTube videos and other sources, then instructed the AI to make our knowledge base readily retrievable. Questions are answered accurately in seconds."

Tonic's RAG evaluation series has focused on specialized frameworks that primarily integrate retrieval-based components with LLMs. "These tools are great for hackers and developers," Kamor said. "However, there is another side of the market focused on abstracting away the technical complexity of building a RAG system on top of your company data: no-code. It's great for organizations that may not have the technical talent or resources to build their own."

In his blog, Kamor refers to as a platform that's "been making waves in the space since the launch of ChatGPT."

Alden do Rosario, CEO and Founder, said, "This achievement validates our mission to democratize generative AI by empowering organizations of all sizes and of all technical acumen. Thank you, Tonic, for advancing responsible AI by proving answer quality accuracy."

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