Cimarron and Unveil Revolutionary Emissions Management Solution

David Conley,'s CEO and Co-Founder
David Conley,'s CEO and Co-Founder

(US and Canada) Cimarron and are pleased to announce the formation of a new strategic alliance which will provide customers with an advanced and comprehensive emissions management and performance optimization solution. The combined offering is designed to assure regulatory compliance and more efficient operations based on source- level visual automation and real time data analytics supported from machine learning to provide methane emissions reduction as well as data integrity and reporting.

Cimarron CEO Jeff Foster said, "We are pleased to announce our new partnership with We look forward to bringing our highly complementary emission management capabilities to the market on a cooperative basis for the benefit of customers pursuing their sustainability goals. The combination of Cimarron's proven Sytelink 360® advanced technology for emissions management and performance optimization, along with CleanConnect's visual automation suite, Autonomous365, represents the most comprehensive solution offered in the market today. To date, a significant focus of available technology has been limited to detection alone, while our partnership provides cost effective, technology enabled tools to identify, quantify and eliminate emissions thereby reducing risks and operating costs."

Benefits to our customers and industry participants include:

• Unparallelled, holistic approach to cost effective methane emissions management and reductions based on complementary technologies which are available as a single, integrated solution.

• Real-time performance optimization based on source-level visual quantification of methane emissions and real-time automation to provide timely and actionable intelligence to maintain optimal throughput and assured regulatory compliance.

• Third party verification and certification with substantive data supporting accuracy and timeliness of reporting metrics to regulatory agencies.

• Best-in-class technology provides a robust system to detect and measure emissions as well as to identify the source and duration of those emissions.'s CEO and Co-Founder David Conley said, "Our Visual Automation Suite, Autonomous365, converts raw image data into actionable insights and transparent proofs. By integrating with Cimarron's Sytelink360 and smart controllers, we can transform our actionable alerts into predictable autonomous operations. Now, instead of just alerting our operators, we can fix problems remotely and even start preventing super-emitters from occurring."

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