AWS and FieldAlytics by Ever.Ag: A New Frontier in AI-Enhanced Crop Management and Sustainability

Elizabeth Fastiggi, AWS Head of Worldwide Business Development, Agriculture
Elizabeth Fastiggi, AWS Head of Worldwide Business Development, Agriculture

(US and Canada) In a significant move to bolster agricultural technology and sustainability, FieldAlytics by Ever.Ag, a leader in innovative agribusiness solutions, announces a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This collaboration deepens the AWS capabilities in use across Ever.Ag's suite of solutions, including Austin Data Labs. FieldAlytics will be leveraging AWS's Generative AI on the SageMaker platform to introduce cutting-edge crop growth modeling and imagery change detection.

Through AWS's powerful cloud computing, built for machine learning, Ever.Ag agribusiness solutions are set to transform agricultural decision-making and crop management. The integration provides detailed insights into crop development and health, fostering smarter, data-driven agricultural practices.

Mike Moore, head of Ever.Ag Agribusiness, shares his enthusiasm: "This collaboration with AWS propels us into a new era of agronomy operations. By combining our agronomic expertise with AWS's computational prowess, we're unlocking unprecedented opportunities for farmers to enhance yield, sustainability, and efficiency."

The collaboration introduces innovative tools for crop growth modeling and imagery change detection, enabling early intervention strategies and optimized crop management. These advancements promise to revolutionize how farmers and agribusinesses monitor crop health and environmental conditions.

Elizabeth Fastiggi of AWS, comments: "We're thrilled to support Ever.Ag in their mission to advance agricultural technology. Our collaboration leverages AWS's Generative AI and cloud capabilities to bring transformative solutions to the agricultural industry, highlighting our commitment to innovation and sustainability."

Ever.Ag and AWS are dedicated to empowering the agricultural community with technology that boosts productivity, profitability, and promotes sustainable farming practices. This initiative exemplifies the transformative impact of collaboration in driving agricultural innovation and shaping a sustainable future.

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