Historical Preservation and Renovation

Historical Preservation and Renovation

The Cincinnati Art Museum is a landmark that represents not only a forward-thinking momentum and drive, but also provides a small window into the history of the city. Built in the late 19th century, the building is a true symbol of the city’s heritage through the ages. But buildings with that much history often need a little help.

Over the years, the Cincinnati Art Museum has undergone more than a few expansions, facelifts and restorations to become the facility it is today. For 22 years, Riverside Architectural Millwork has been close at hand, helping the museum with both renovations and exhibit display casework.

The company’s co-owners, Bob Krejci and Tim Pierce, specialize in both residential and commercial millwork and finish carpentry. In most cases, the duo of skills lends itself to a flexibility and variance in the company’s ability to accommodate the needs of each client in a unique and personalized manner.

"We’re able to transfer our knowledge and experience between both market settings," says Krejci, who leads the project management for most commercial projects. "This versatility gives us the ability to transfer our skills from commercial projects to the more detailed and intricate work in homes."

It’s the company’s attention to detail and versatile nature that keeps their relationship with the Cincinnati Art Museum a positive one. Over the years, Riverside has given the museum a facelift here and there and helped with more challenging projects that many other companies cannot handle. Most recently, Riversid’s millwork contribution was instrumental for the museum’s entry lobby renovation, giving it a new and updated look. This is the third lobby renovation the crew at Riverside has been part of, and the second since Krejci and Pierce started the company.

"Riverside Architectural Millwork helped bring the new lobby to life," David Linnenberg, Cincinnati Art Museum’s chief administrative officer says. "Thanks to Riverside’s fabrication and installation of millwork, the new space provides a more welcoming presence. It helps us take steps toward our mission to bring people and art together."

Kim Flora, chief preparator at Cincinnati Art Museum, says the company has been part of the museum’s landscape for as long as she’s been overseeing the designs of exhibits as well. "I started here as an intern, and at that point, Riverside was the go-to for exhibition buildouts," she says.

Riverside not only helps with renovating main features in Cincinnati Art Museum; the company is frequently called to help build, transport and install platforms and staging materials for the various different exhibits at the museum. "These days, we do more things in-house than before, but when we do need help, we call Riverside," says Flora. "If we design it, they come up with a way to build it, or they work with us to figure out how best to make our design visions a reality."

Most recently, the company constructed multi-tiered platforms intended for mannequins to stand while sporting avant-garde fashion. The pedestals and platforms will be layered and constructed with different elevations to better display the art.

"Riverside hasn’t been afraid to tackle anything we’ve thrown at them," says Flora. She explains that Riverside helps keep the process as simple and stress-free as possible, starting with preliminary meetings where ideas are brainstormed and explored.

Riverside Architectural Millwork is located at 218 West McMicken Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45214. You can reach them at 513.723.0900 or visit their website at www.riversidearchitectural.com

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