Delivering Healthy to Hyde Park Doorsteps

Delivering Healthy to Hyde Park Doorsteps

The Weekly Juicery in Hyde Park has been helping residents become healthier for almost a year. The active community was a natural choice for the store, which encourages people to use food as a means to wellness. 

“It seems to be a good fit for us,” says Kimmye Bohannon, owner and founder. “It’s been a wonderful location.”

The inspiration for The Weekly Juicery started with Bohannon and a neighbor sharing the job of making juice. “We took turns because it’s a very time-consuming process,” Bohannon says of juicing. “It’s sort of a daunting task.”  

Wanting to make juicing accessible to others, Bohannon started making cold-pressed juice for a few friends. By January 2012, she had 80 customers. “I called it The Weekly Juicery because I had everybody drinking vegetable juice Monday through Friday.” 

Along with healthy cold-pressed juice, Bohannon delivered education as well. “I started that education focus early on,” she says. “I sent an email to everybody each day explaining the mechanics of why they were drinking the vegetable juice for the day.”

Education remains an important focus at The Weekly Juicery because Bohannon is passionate about the health benefits of juicing. “It’s a key that unlocks a whole new level of health and well being,” she says. “Juicing really helps a lot of people turn the corner to a more holistic way of living and using food as medicine.”

Customers tell Bohannon they couldn’t make it through the day without their juice. Unlike sugar or caffeine, juice has staying power. “It really gives a natural fuel that is good energy for the body,” she says. “There aren’t a lot of ups and downs.”  

True to their roots, The Weekly Juicery still delivers fresh juice to local residents and businesses. The Hyde Park store offers 24 different cold-pressed juice recipes, healthy shots, and superfood smoothies, along with raw food selections, such as vegan tacos or special salads. All items are dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Unlike grocery store juice, their juice is unpasteurized. 

“We don’t pasteurize or treat our juice at all,” Bohannon says. “Our product is alive.” 

Still not convinced? The store offers free samples as well. “We really like sharing what we do and sharing the education behind what we do,” Bohannon says.  

If you’re looking for healthy, the Weekly Juicery in Hyde Park delivers.

The Weekly Juicery is located at 2727 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208. You can reach them at 513.321.0680 or visit 

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