Beautiful Transition of Styles

Beautiful Transition of Styles

When the Fender family chose to leave their country-style home in Anderson Township, Lisa knew she wanted a change of pace. The old house possessed more of a country-chic stylization inside, creating a charm that befitted the outskirts of Cincinnati. 

However, with the new home being built in Columbia Tusculum, she decided the family home needed more contemporary touches. With the help of Amy Holt, an interior designer with Designs on Madison, and Brad Olinger, owner of Sterling Homes, the family braced for the process of building and designing their new home.

"I had to break out of what I was used to," says Lisa. "I wanted something completely contemporary, but when I sat down with Brad and Amy, they both convinced me that I’m really not a contemporary design kind of person. They knew me so well." 

From there, it was a journey to determine the design elements that best fit the home, the Fender family lifestyle and Lisa’s tastes. Knowing the kitchen was the most important room for Lisa, Holt helped to walk the family through the ups and downs of designing a new home. 

"The cabinets were the most important," says Lisa. "I wanted them to have a distressed look, and I knew I wanted a big island. It was important for the kitchen to be family friendly, because we have a big family." 

From there, some of the details were a little tricky. While Lisa struggled to leave her traditional, farmhouse style behind, Holt helped introduce new ideas that challenged the family to think outside the box. "Amy was phenomenal to work with," says Lisa. "She’s so talented, and I now consider her a friend. She was so great at listening and helping us work through everything. It was a good journey, and Amy made it as easy as it could be." 

After overcoming the challenges of building a new home, the Fender family is moved in and working on the finishing touches. "When Brad’s done, the rooftop will be a three-level deck, which feels very urban and unique," says Lisa. "The whole house feels so different – it’s more traditional mixed with contemporary, and I love it. It feels like home." ϖ

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