The Utmost in Care, Comfort and Community

The Utmost in  Care, Comfort and Community

Artis Senior Living is a new assisted-living community that specializes in memory-related care. Located in Mason, it provides a secure, safe living environment for residents with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other memory-related conditions, without compromising comfort and warmth. The residents are well cared for and well loved, both by the staff and one another. 

Isabelle and Barbara

Barbara helped her mother, Isabelle, move into Artis Senior Living in April. The community is very close to Isabelle’s family, which was a large factor in choosing Artis. “Her husband passed away and she wanted to be closer to our family,” says Barbara. Previously, her mother had lived in Tampa, Fla., and a change of scenery was in order. 

“The food’s good – I can’t complain,” says Isabelle. “I have my own bedroom, where everything I own is mine.”  But she’s not just sitting in her bedroom all day – she sees her family every week for family dinners, and the activities available at Artis keep her very occupied. “The people are all very nice – they’re very helpful, and there are activities to do every day,” she says. “I really like when we exercise. We take morning walks every day, which doesn’t sound like much, but I didn’t do that before. And now I love it.” 

Isabelle adds that she feels like she now has two families – her daughter’s family in Mason, and the family living within the walls of Artis Senior Living.

Senoria and Susan

Senoria suffered a stroke and, after returning home, fell down and needed additional care. “The doctors told us we needed to find a place for her, and the cardiologist suggested Artis,” says her daughter, Susan. “We’ve been very happy with it – we couldn’t have asked for more.”

Since moving to Artis, Senoria has made significant progress with therapy, and works to stay busy through the wide variety of activities offered. “They keep her occupied, and there are a lot of activities for their minds,” says Susan. “They make sure to keep the residents’ minds stimulated.” 

She adds that one of her favorite things about Artis is the informational sessions held every other Wednesday for residents and family. She’s able to attend lectures and seminars on a variety of topics, from psychology to hearing tests to elder law. 

Susan also loves that her mother can live in a community that’s cheerful and homey, both in décor and in company. “The residents really care for one another – she’s bonded well here, and other residents have become extended family,” she says.  

Edward and Shirley

“She was named after Shirley Temple – it was popular to name children for famous people back then,” says Edward of his wife. The two moved back to Ohio from Florida to be close to family, after Edward learned of Shirley’s dementia and early-stage Alzheimer’s. The couple first moved into an assisted living home together, but they quickly found that Shirley needed 24-hour assistance. Edward helped her move into Artis, found a home nearby, and visits her every day. 

“This community can adjust to her progression better than others,” he says. “At first, the move was hard on her. But lately she’s been getting into the activities, and becoming more involved has helped her.” 

Edward sponsored a pizza party for all the residents and its overwhelming popularity has inspired him to make it a regular event. “We know the other residents well, and it’s been a great experience overall,” he says. 

He appreciates the willingness of staff members to listen to his ideas and suggestions in regards to his wife’s care. “They’re very receptive to suggestions, and they’re willing to change things; they don’t just brush you off,” he says. 

Artis Senior Living is located at 6200 Snider Road, Mason, OH 45040. You can reach them at 513.229.7450 or visit their website at Senior Living is located at 6200 Snider Road, Mason, OH 45040. You can reach them at 513.229.7450 or visit their website at

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