Changing the Narrative of Breast Cancer Screening

Changing the Narrative of Breast Cancer Screening

You have just been diagnosed with cancer. Before you can wrap your head around your new, frightening reality, your treatment journey begins. A good place to start might be to step back, take a deep breath and remember: it’s your cancer. Your journey. You have choices when it comes to selecting a cancer treatment/care provider.

The treatment of cancer, and how each patient responds, is unique to that individual. Each patient’s needs fluctuate during their course of treatment. At OHC (Oncology Hematology Care, Inc.), they provide access for every patient when they need it most, no matter what time, no matter the issue, no matter what day. In fact, when patients have a medical concern or question, OHC encourages patients to call. Their mantra is Call Us Early – Call Us First. This campaign is part of a clinical transformation initiative OHC has been developing for sometime. 

"Well over two years ago we initiated an oncology nurse triage call center," notes Karyn M. Dyehouse, MD, OHC Chief Medical Officer. "Our goal is to help address cancer patient concerns early and quickly to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room and to keep them on the track to recovery." 

Due to the intense treatment, many patients experience side effects. As the only accredited Oncology Medical Home (OMH) in Cincinnati and a participant in the Medicare Oncology Care Model Initiative, OHC is committed to providing all its patients 24/7 access for symptom management. Patients can call and speak to an oncology trained nurse to discuss their issues and if needed, are triaged to the appropriate healthcare provider. The program offers same-day urgent appointments for patients with pressing medical issues and is the only community oncology practice in the tri-state to offer weekend hours for urgent patient visits. Providing weekend care also helps reduce unnecessary cost to patients and families by avoiding emergency room visits, notes Dr. Dyehouse. 

OHC adheres to a comprehensive care model that helps patients navigate their cancer journey from a patient-centered/community oncology perspective, differentiating it from other area cancer providers. "We put our patients at the center of the services we offer," Dr. Dyehouse says. Newly diagnosed patients also participate in a two-hour teaching session where they meet with their navigation team, which includes an advanced practice provider, nurse navigator and financial navigator to help them on their journey.

This patient-focused model also includes programs unique to OHC. Their nationally recognized clinical trials program has brought many cancer fighting drugs to the market. OHC’s research program is one of the largest in the area and continues to grow as it offers more immunotherapy trials; those drugs that help the body’s own immune system fight off cancer cells. OHC’s blood and bone marrow specialists also lead the most experienced transplant center in the tri-state at The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health Blood Cancer Center.

"The ability to offer all these nationally recognized services to our community and allow patients to remain close to home and family is what we are about," Dyehouse says.

OHC also works closely with many local payers to offer the highest quality cancer care at the greatest value. They recognize the financial burden of cancer treatment and are committed to providing cost effective care. OHC has been asked to pioneer a number of programs with insurance companies and Medicare as a result of our high-quality outcomes and value based care. 

For more than 30 years, OHC has remained the region’s premier provider of treatments for adult cancer and complex blood disorders, offering a wide range of services, state-of-the-art treatments and leading edge technologies. OHC provides a comprehensive team approach delivering high quality, compassionate, and convenient care, tailored to meet a patient’s medical and personal needs.

OHC treats nearly every form of adult cancer and complex blood disorders with medical, radiation, gynecologic, palliative and hospice oncology specialists. With neighborhood locations throughout the tri-state area, OHC is one of the largest independent oncology practices in the United States.

For more information visit or call 1.844.ICHOOSE or 1.844.424.6673.

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