Creating Strategic Cyber Security Solutions

Creating Strategic Cyber Security Solutions

Since its inception, Morphick has maintained a consistent vision to protect organizations from cyber attacks by providing advanced threat detection and response services that are tailored for each customer’s specific needs.

Historically, managed security service providers (MSSPs) have focused on managing logs and alerts with off-the-shelf technologies and capabilities. In just the last year alone, advanced attacks, ransomware incidents, and nation-state sponsored campaigns have proliferated at an unprecedented rate. Enterprises and MSSPs are suddenly struggling to effectively defend against a much more complex attack environment. 

Morphick’s unique approach to protecting organizations against cyber attacks combines industry-leading security practitioner experience with a proprietary set of advanced threat detection and incident response capabilities. The Morphick Team brings world-class cyber security experience from GE, Lockheed Martin, US Air Force, NSA, and Cisco among others. Gartner recently recognized Morphick as one of a handful of Managed Detection and Response providers globally that have the unique combination of cyber security practitioner experience and advanced technologies to effectively defend organizations.  

CEO and Co-founder Brian Minick brings more than 15 years of diverse IT and cyber security experience and leadership. Before co-founding Morphick, he was the chief information security officer at General Electric’s Aviation, Energy and Transportation businesses. He was responsible for developing and implementing advanced cyber security strategies that protected GE’s multi-billion-dollar infrastructure and resources worldwide. As the CISO for GE, he led efforts to implement defense strategies to mitigate advanced persistent threats for the infrastructure supporting more than 122,000 employees worldwide. Minick has also consulted with the White House and State Department on cyber policy and collaborated with the chief information officer of the Pentagon and members of the National Security Agency on cyber detection technologies.

Initially, Minick had little interest in pursuing career options in cyber security. That changed when he realized shifts in the threat landscape had created a need for more sophisticated and strategic security solutions. He was intrigued by the element of problem solving and the demand for technology professionals who could respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. 

"What changed that for me was the realization that many cyber attacks weren’t just random malware attacks, but were targeted attacks from a real person," Minick says. "At Morphick, our job is to outthink and outsmart hackers. What we focus on is not so much a technology program but a people problem. Where some focus on the malicious software, we focus on the malicious person using the software. 

"Morphick provides a service that allows customers to not just detect issues, but to morph their defensive posture over time to out-think and out-strategize hackers. It’s much like a chess game with an adversary and that element is what we try to bring to our customer engagements. We try to help them play the game and win at it."

Hackers regularly bypass traditional perimeter defenses, leaving defenders blind. Furthermore, hackers often discover how they are detected and change their attacks to avoid future detection. Traditional managed security service providers only validate alerts. Unlike Morphick, they do not help scope, clean up the attack, learn from the attack and adjust defenses based on the attack.

To that end, Morphick offers a wide range of professional services customized to meet the unique needs of each customer. Morphick Incident Response Services enable organizations to effectively address sophisticated security incidents, minimize data loss and business impact, and provide long-term solutions to protect against future attacks. 

The Morphick Compromise Assessment determines if your organization has an active security breach, the extent of the compromise, as well as evidence of recent attacks and persistent threats. Morphick enables businesses to amplify their existing security capabilities with the outcomes they need: world-class incident investigation and response, elite threat hunting and expert security guidance. 

At the end of the day, there is no greater sense of accomplishment than making a positive impact in the lives of customers. 

"Every day, we are protecting our customers and finding malicious attacks," Minick says. "The best part is the satisfaction of engaging with a new customer. Literally within minutes of turning on our services, we’re finding breaches that have been on their network for years or issues they’ve been struggling with for a long time. That’s when I’m reminded that we’re making a difference by helping people and that’s what it’s all about."

Morphick Cyber Security is located at 4555 Lake Forest, Suite 150, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, call 844.506.6774 (50MORPH) or visit

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