Building an Artistic Home for the Future

Building an Artistic Home for the Future

“I think people are looking for unique, premium products when they come to Rookwood,” says Jenny Berger, sales director for Rookwood Pottery.

And Rookwood definitely delivers. Founded in 1880, Rookwood Pottery has a rich history of creating pottery and architectural tile of the highest quality. “Rookwood prides itself on being an innovative, artistic brand that manufactures ceramic materials and tiles,” says Mary Guanciale, art director for Rookwood Pottery.

Rookwood’s products reflect that creative history. Customers can choose from endless style options by combining different shapes, glazes and color palettes. Their studio glazes, which have a high variation of color after firing, are especially unique because each piece has its own personality and distinctive quality from tile to tile. Rookwood’s design team curates their variety of glazes into featured glaze palettes, honing in on colors and finishes that work in tandem to create dynamic, artistic installations.

“In addition to our wide variety of field tile, smooth-surfaced tile of different geometric shapes most commonly used in backsplashes, our relief tile and hand-carved tile are a Rookwood specialty,” says Berger.

“Using Rookwood tile gives the customer the opportunity to create an art installation in their home that’s an expression of their personality and taste, with exclusive colors and characteristics that you just won’t find in other tile,” Guanciale says.

The term architectural tile speaks to the durability and permanency of a Rookwood tile installation. Whether the tile is used in the kitchen, bathroom or fireplace, it becomes a part of the architecture of the home once installed. “It becomes that architectural element within the home that gives a nice accent or foundation piece,” Berger says.

Rookwood is known for the quality and longevity of their tile installations. “It truly does last a lifetime,” Berger says.

Along with beauty and durability, Rookwood tile is also eco-friendly. “We only use the highest quality clay materials in our ceramic tile,” Guanciale says. “Our tile and glaze are made from materials taken straight from the earth.”

Because it is made of natural ingredients, free of toxins and chemicals, Rookwood tile is a healthy choice for homes. The tile is easy to clean with soap and water.

“That’s the beauty of it,” Berger says. “From creation at our Factory & Design Studio to becoming an installation in your home, it is eco-friendly.”

At Rookwood, community is important, and they take environmental responsibility seriously. They keep their environmental footprint to a minimum by reclaiming glaze and recycling scrap clay.

The unparalleled quality and rich heritage of Rookwood cannot be replicated. Visitors can see this firsthand in the showroom, the hidden gem of Over-the-Rhine, and even take a free tour to see where all the pottery and architectural tile is made in-house.

“The uniqueness of the hand-made tile and glaze characteristics set Rookwood apart,” Guanciale says. “We bring art into the home through architectural tile and create something that’s unique and personal for the homeowner.” 

Rookwood Pottery is located at 1920 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, call 513.381.2510 or visit

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