Home Town Care, Big Time Talent

Home Town Care, Big Time Talent

Kettering Health Network’s Fort Hamilton Hospital makes sure patients don’t miss a beat.

Big time talent, close to home. Fort Hamilton Hospital, part of Kettering Health Network, a not-for-profit network of eight hospitals, nine emergency departments and 120 outpatient facilities serving southwest Ohio, has been serving the Hamilton community since 1929.

“I was born and raised in this community, have had my career in this community and wanted to support a community hospital,” says Thurman. “It was fantastic to have a world-class level of expertise right within the community, with a surgeon who is committed to the community as a whole.”

“She was outstanding,” says Thurman. “She really understands what a patient is looking for and she puts patients at ease very rapidly. She is so personable it amazes me. I’ve had three surgeries with her in the last two years – two rotator cuff surgeries as well as a total knee surgery. I’ve seen a lot of her and had a chance to really appreciate the approach she takes with her patients. I’ve been involved in health care for the last 40 years and I’ve never witnessed anyone more credible and personal than she is, and that same culture permeates her office. Her staff takes that same personal approach. Dr. Migliore and her staff always took the time to ease my mind and understand my concerns. And the work she is doing is very cutting edge – very few people in the country are doing the type of work she does. I didn’t have near the difficulty post-surgery that I would have expected and I believe her skill is a big reason why.”

Thurman says he was back to work, functioning, driving and doing things in his day-to-day life much faster than he anticipated, but even when he would have a question about his recovery, a response was prompt. “I called with a question and she said, ‘come over right now, I have time to look at that,’” he recalls. “She’s very responsive and accommodating as her schedule allows. And a lot of other patients I know have had the same positive feedback.”

Migliore thought Thurman  was a great patient, Migliore says it is important for patients to take an active role in their health care. “Jeff  was a very motivated patient, which all surgeons love,” she says. “Someone who listens to the pros and cons and details what needs to occur to have a good experience and outcome. He was willing to do his part in the process as well.”

Just as she did for Thurman, Migliore prides herself on giving a top level of service to every patient, and that’s part of why she appreciates being part of Fort Hamilton Hospital – the ability to provide a personal experience. “The advantage of Fort Hamilton Hospital is that it is backed by a very reliable and award-winning hospital system, Kettering Health Network,” she explains, “which provides top-quality care, advancing technology and wonderful staff. Fort Hamilton is an extension of that prestigious network and can offer a more intimate experience on a smaller scale with the same advantages that Kettering has to offer.”

With the support of the Kettering Health Network, Migliore has a passion for bringing the best orthopedic services possible to the community. She became excited about orthopedics even before she entered high school, with a long-time desire to take care

of athletes. 

“I always loved sports growing up, both watching and playing, and combining it with my passion for medicine and specifically surgery, just made sense,” she explains. Whether she is treating an athlete or a weekend warrior, she prides herself on the best results. “Seeing patients have a great outcome and getting them doing things they never thought possible is amazing. I love it when a patient personally thanks me for giving them hope for a great new adventure in life.”

She offers hip arthroscopy (which even some larger orthopedic practices don’t offer); treatment for ligament injuries of the knee including ACL; shoulder and elbow surgery and arthroscopy; and ankle arthroscopy, among other treatments. 

Thurman agrees. “There is no reason why anyone in the community needs to go outside of the community for outstanding orthopedic care. Migliore an outstanding physician who connects with her patients.”

Thurman says his entire experience with Kettering Health Network and Fort Hamilton Hospital was a positive one. “Not only the clinical quality, but also the customer service. It is outstanding. I have nothing but accolades. The private rooms are comfortable for recovering, the staff is outstanding and personable. They treated me as if I was the only patient they had and I know they had many others. They were responsive to my every need from the pre-admission testing through the discharge process. It was truly a phenomenal experience.”

For more information about Orthopedic Care at Fort Hamilton Hospital and the Kettering Health Network, visit www.ketteringhealth.org or 513.867.4165.

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