Buckles Engagement

Buckles Engagement

Ryan Buckles planned an extraordinary surprise birthday gift for the 25th birthday of his girlfriend, Tarah Childress. The first part of the surprise was supposed to be a long-anticipated hot-air balloon ride, however the balloon ride was been canceled due to high winds. Instead, the couple spent all morning with Tarah’s family doing an Easter egg hunt. Her brother’s family had also come up for the weekend from Knoxville, TN with the explanation that they were visiting for Easter and Tarah’s birthday.

Ryan planned a surprise engagement party at Eddie Merlot’s with more than 50 of his and Tarah’s closest friends and family. With the exception of the couple’s parents and siblings, everyone believed they were celebrating a surprise 25th birthday party for Tarah.

Tarah had been wearing a promise ring from Ryan for seven years. While they were on their way to the surprise party, she mentioned she was ready for an upgrade. When they arrived at Eddie Merlot’s just before entering the doorway of the room, Ryan stopped Tarah and told her he loved her. She paused and stared into his eyes before replying, "I love you too." As they walked into the room, a loud "surprise!" and the singing of Happy Birthday shocked Tarah. After they were done singing, Ryan thanked everyone for coming out and keeping everything a surprise. Then he turned to her and said, "Tarah, seven years ago I made you a promise. Tonight, I intend on keeping that promise." This statement visibly took Tarah aback before Ryan got down on one knee and asked, "Tarah Marie Childress, will you marry me?" Of course she said yes. She ripped off her promise ring as Ryan slipped the beautiful custom ring from Eddie Lane onto her ring finger. All of their friends and family were incredibly shocked and excited as they spent the rest of the evening celebrating.

Tarah and Ryan first met in high school while taking the SATs. He’d asked aloud if anyone remembered how to write a cursive G. Everyone started drawing in the air, breaking the tension in the room. The couple met again a few months later at Crossgate Lanes Bowling Alley. Ryan and his brother decided to approach Tarah and her friend to ask if they wanted to bowl together. They began dating instantly and dated through their freshman year of college. Tarah playing volleyball nine hours away, however, took a toll on their relationship. They continued dating only when Tarah was home, but in order to have a great relationship they decided to wait and see where things were between them after college. They have been together ever since graduating in 2011.

The wedding ceremony will take place at Tarah’s grade school and lifelong church, St. Columban Church in Loveland, Ohio on May 9, 2015. The reception will follow at the Oasis Golf Club.  There will be between 225 and 250 guests in attendance. Ryan and Tarah will be incorporating personal touches and hints of their mutual Cincinnati upbringing into special details of the wedding. Ryan says it will be a fairytale wedding full of love for his beautiful wife.

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