Unleash Your Success - One Day Live Event

Want the keys to get your business to 6 figures and beyond? UNLEASH YOUR SUCCESS is an exciting step by step live business training, full day event that will lead you and your team through everything you need to sell with ease.
Unleash Your Success - One Day Live Event

Getting Ideal clients and selling doesn't have to be complicated. 

Jeanne Omlor, Business & Executive Coach will pull back the cover to show you the steps she took to get her and her clients' businesses to 6 figures and beyond. And how to sidestep the frustrating errors most business people are making that are wasting them time, money and blocking them from SUCCESS.

If you want to grow your client business and get all the strategies to make that happen, do not miss this event!

You don't have to rely on the same old strategies that don't work. We live in an age where we have everything at our fingertips to easily get our PERFECT clients. There are only a few simple strategies standing between you and your business success.

Get tickets here: https://bit.ly/2TKFsAf


When: Friday, May 3rd, 2019 

Training: 9:00AM to 5PM, 

(Networking Reception included 5:15PM-7:15PM)

Where: Holiday Inn Express, 5311 Hetzell St.,Cincinnati, OH 45227

Training: 9:00AM to 5PM, (Networking Reception 5:15PM-7:15PM)

Here's a glimpse of the day:

  • 3 VITAL trainings that are standing between you and SUCCESS, like
  • How to Sell & Negotiate with Ease
  • How to Attract Your “Diamond Clients” over and over
  • The number one secret to getting the most mileage out of your time and effort to create the maximum profits possible
  •  On the spot coaching during the event
  • Wine and cheese networking event included
  • Opportunities for collaboration with like-minded business professionals
  • Cash door prizes and other amazing give-aways

Get tickets here: https://bit.ly/2TKFsAf

We don’t want you to just leave with new ideas, we want you to implement them! You will get the strategy and tools to balance your hard work and Grit and to leverage your effort like nobody has ever shown you before!

 See you on MAY 3RD! We can't wait to help you UNLEASH YOUR SUCCESS!

Any questions at all, email: jeanne@jeanneomlor.com

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