A Fresh Face for Authentic Design

A Fresh Face for Authentic Design

Sterling Homes is a custom home-building company determined to be set apart from the rest. Owner Brad Olinger is committed to maintaining the eclectic history of Cincinnati.

“One of the unique things about Sterling Homes is that we take great pride in seeing our homes become a part of the community.  That is why it is important to us that our homes reflect the neighborhood’s history, architecture and charm,” says Olinger.

Olinger’s goal isn’t to build shiny new houses, but rather to create homes that are true to their style and era, whether that be a classic tudor or an ultra-modern home.  No matter the style, the end goal is always to create a home that genuinely reflects the architectural style chosen by the client, down to the last finish.

“It’s very apparent when you see some of the homes that we’ve built, once the landscaping has taken root, that a passerby may not even realize that that is a brand-new home,” Olinger says. “We put a lot of strength and weight in the details: gas lights, arched doors, stonework, copper chimney caps, and other little details … and that’s just on the outside.

“The inside of the house has so many solid characteristics of a classic home, but with modern luxuries that someone would be looking for in a brand-new home.”

Sterling Homes focuses on authentic details that are important to the home while also including modern appliances and features.

“We combine modern kitchens and chef’s appliances with reclaimed beams, soapstone and classic finishes. There’s an appropriate way to be up-to-date while keeping your roots in a neighborhood full of history and character,” says Olinger. “To be able to take down a home that has been neglected and to put back something that fits into the neighborhood, for Sterling, is a big benefit to the community. We never want to compromise on that. We keep it classic, timeless and simple.”

Sterling Homes is located at 347 Stanley Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45226. For more information, call 513.659.5361, email info@thesterlinghomes.com or visit www. thesterlinghomes.com.

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