A New CEO and a Bright Future

A New CEO and a Bright Future

Dan Fagin wanted a slight career change after working in healthcare consulting for acute care hospital systems for 15 years. He decided his heart really was in the more personal side of healthcare, where he could get to know caregivers and those being cared for on a more intimate basis. After three years working for the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, he realized he gained much more personal fulfillment from the nonprofit side of healthcare. 

Now, Fagin is the president and CEO of Cedar Village, a senior living care facility that provides personal connections to employees and residents within the organization. "This position combines my desire to work in a more nonprofit setting, while still making use of my background in healthcare," he says. "It’s a great mixture of moving forward while still utilizing the past." 

This ideology of interacting with and appreciating the past while looking towards a promising future is a common theme that Fagin shares with Cedar Village itself. The facility provides services for anyone in the community, young or elderly. Because of its extensive, state-of-the-art physical therapy options, it can serve individuals recovering from high school sports injuries as well as its elderly residents. This diversity in service to the community is unique, and Fagin hopes it can help Cedar Village best serve Mason and its surrounding regions. 

"This year is also Cedar Village’s 18th anniversary," says Fagin. "In Jewish culture, the number 18 is the symbol ‘chai,’ which in Hebrew means ‘life.’ It’s significant in the culture, and it’s a big year for us and a great way to start things out here."

Though Fagin has been in his position for just a short time, he looks forward to a future immersed in the community and culture of the organization. Although he’s able to utilize his healthcare background, he’s also able to sit down with residents, their families and employees to see how they experience the organization.

 "This is a different experience for me – more so than any other past role, I have the opportunity to interact with the people I serve all day long," says Fagin. "It’s very rewarding. The residents and their families want to know me and be heard about everything – the good along with their concerns. I measure my time here by how little time I spend in my office behind a desk." He adds that he’s inspired by the level of passion the residents, families and employees feel for the quality of care provided. 

Fagin has a few plans in the works for his future at Cedar Village, but he’s taking his new position step by step. The big picture goal, he says, is that the facility provides an experience for every community member utilizing it. From working to create a positive dining experience to introducing a variety of entertainment options, Fagin and the staff are always looking forward, determined to appreciate and learn from the past while improving the present to create a brighter future at Cedar Village.

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