A Common Sense Approach to Success

A Common Sense Approach to Success

Since 1966, the Randolph Company has been serving Greater Cincinnati through sound investment opportunities and portfolio management. Chairman and president Carter F. Randolph, PhD and his team manage portfolios worth more than $500 million.

Focused on security analysis, diversification and investment risk, the Randolph Company’s years of experience are a great benefit to investors both big and small. Though their strategies are aimed to produce returns, Randolph says they never stray from their high ethical and professional standards.

Randolph shared a few keys to his firm’s success and tips for investors:

LEAD Magazine: When it comes to investments, how does your decision-making process and risk analysis set you apart from other firms?

The Randolph COMPANY: The Randolph Company has a common sense decision-making process. We look to purchase securities of high quality companies with low debt that pay and grow their dividends. Our portfolios are diversified across different industries and security types based on our view of the future. We stay away from the latest investment fads and stick to a simple approach.

LM:If a person is considering a new investment firm, what should they be wary of?

RC: Be sure the firm is using common sense practices.

1. Insist on the fiduciary standard where the client comes first in a client-advisor relationship. Be sure that you feel that honesty and trust are the foundation of this relationship.

2. Follow the segregation of duties doctrines: use accountants for accounting, custodians for custody and money managers for managing money. Keep all of these roles separate.

3. Be aware of the total fees you are charged. According to Morningstar (provider of independent investment research) there is a strong correlation between low fees and higher net performance.

LM: What lessons have been learned from recent financial crises and what has been put in place to better protect clients?

RC: The securitization of low quality assets into a so-called diversified investment vehicle did not reduce risk. An investment made up of low quality assets remains low quality and high risk regardless of the diversification it brings to the portfolio. The lesson learned is to stick to the common sense way of investing. Our clients’ portfolios are made up of high quality investments.

LM: What type of experience do your managers have that will benefit clients?

RC: I’ve been an investment adviser for over 30 years and earned a doctorate in finance. I’ve been the principal owner since 1996. Neil Hantak joined the firm in 2013 as a portfolio manager and has over 13 years of experience as an investment advisor, analyst, portfolio manager and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. We work with multigenerational, high net-worth families, nonprofit organizations and trusts.

The Randolph Company is located at 4200 Malsbary Road, Blue Ash, OH 45242. For more information, call 513.891-7144

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