Evolution: Constant Branching & Expansion

Evolution: Constant Branching & Expansion

Evolution is changing the way we enjoy our music and movies and all of our audio and video encounters.

The concept of "owning" itself is changing – we now share bikes, scooters, vacation homes, Uber and Lyft rides. Streaming is providing the music industry its biggest profits in a decade, and CD sales have fallen 80%, from roughly $450 million to $89 million, reports Rolling Stone. Tesla is manufacturing cars without CD players, and Ford and Toyota have recently followed.

Artists have taken note – Bruce Springsteen released his latest boxed set, The Album Collection Vol. 2, 1987-1996, exclusively on vinyl with no CD option. "It’s a streaming world and a vinyl world with a quickly diminishing CD world," says Daniel Glass, president of Glassnote Records. A. V. has progressed from cylinders to vinyl, cassettes, and tapes, film, VHS and Beta, CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray to ultra-high definition streaming. The equipment to accommodate these media has also evolved, assuming new form factors as impressive for their simplicity and unobtrusiveness as for their ability to surround us with sound and picture quality closing in on location, set or stage

The engineers at Hanson A.V. know and understand these evolving technologies and how they can enhance our appreciation on good, better, best and ultimate levels to suit our budgets and level of discernment. At the Hanson A.V. showrooms in Dayton or Cincinnati, you can experience the Formation Suite of wireless speakers from Bowers and Wilkins, makers of high-quality audio components with over 50 years of unrivaled sound quality. Hear the Formation Audio hub transform your passive system into a multi-room system, connecting analog devices and streaming in 96Khz/24 bit high-resolution to the Formation Wedge and other Formation speakers over an independent mesh Wi-Fi network. Hanson’s knowledgeable staff will bring you up to date on the evolution of streaming video as well.

Widescreen Review says, "As the centerpiece source for a high-end custom home theater system, it’s difficult to imagine anything better than a Kaleidescape system." In Hanson’s showrooms, you can see the Kaleidescape system elevate your home cinema experience by making movie discovery, purchase, and playback effortless and thoroughly enjoyable. Kaleidescape combines movie players and servers with online selection and delivery of the highest quality movies, making it the best content source to power an immersive home cinema.

Data Conversion Systems Ltd (dCS), a leading manufacturer of high-performance digital audio playback systems for music lovers, launched their new streaming audio platform, dCS Mosaic, in May. CS Mosaic is a collection of hardware and software modules which, when combined, provide listeners easy and intuitive access to their digital music. Hanson engineers will demo the dCS ultra high quality Digital Audio Systems – Vivaldi, Bartok and Rossini – where dCS Mosaic will let you enjoy streaming music from a number of different services and sources including UPnP, Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL, Roon, Spotify, Airplay, internet radio, podcasts, and locally attached USB storage.

A visit to either of Hanson A.V. showrooms provides an exciting, updated education in the evolution of audio and video technology and the pleasure it can bring to your listening and viewing. The staff at Hanson A.V. are able and eager to help you understand the intricacies of streaming, to explain streaming in comparison to the music delivery technology you have enjoyed before, and to help you select the streaming components that are right for you.

Hanson Audio Video is located at 10800 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242 and 3140 Far Hills Ave., Dayton, OH 45429. For more information, call 513.563.0444, email Sales@Hansonav.com or visit www.Hansonav.com.

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