Developing Ohio’s Crossroads

Developing Ohio’s Crossroads

"You don’t necessarily think of the word ‘business’ when you talk about Monroe, but I think you should," says John Westheimer, president of Cincinnati Commercial Contracting.

Located along the Interstate 75 corridor between Cincinnati and Dayton, many businesses are taking advantage of what is turning into prime real estate in the town that straddles Hamilton, Montgomery, Butler and Warren counties.

"We’ve been developing a lot in Monroe because the interest levels are so high," says Amy Westheimer, CCC’s director of sales. "We’ve torn down some neglected buildings and filled in some acreage to get the land ready for even more development".

The main attraction is the ease of access to I-75.

"I-75 is the third most-traveled highway in the United States and the State Route 63 SPUI is the best interchange in Ohio," explains John Westheimer. "Plus, down the road you’ve got Lebanon, which is the fastest growing city in Ohio and Hamilton and Middletown to the west."

Monroe has also experienced growth and has seen its population triple since 1990.

"This area will be the crossroads of the entire region for many years to come," says John Westheimer. "When you’re thinking about the long term, it’s a great, great place to be."

Once such location that CCC is developing is just north of the Cincinnati Premium Outlets and sees 96,000 cars pass by each day on I-75 and another 28,630 on SR 63.

"Not only do we have great access, we have great visibility," says John Westheimer. "There’s not much left out there with highway visibility like this."

Several companies seem to agree as they are making plans to break ground and set up shop.

"We are building a new facility for Superior Caster, and Rivertown Brewing is setting up an amazing 30,000 square-foot brewery," says Amy Westheimer. "It’s really exciting to see the transformation."

The Rivertown Brewing Company is excited, too.

"This new facility will give us five times as much output than our current location," says Lindsey Roeper, who has one of the best job titles ever: Dream Facilitator. "Our Monroe facility will allow us to make 150,000 barrels with room to grow where we max out at around 20,000 or 30,000 barrels today."

With the new capacity, Rivertown will expand distribution to a total of eight states this year with more to come in 2017. The central location and quick access to the highway was a strategic move to make shipping their brews even easier.

The new facility, which broke ground in June, will serve as a brewery, restaurant and bar. Rivertown worked closely with CCC to plan the facility.

"CCC really brought our dreams to life," says Roeper. "They are nothing less than amazing. Every single detail, no matter how small, has been taken care of. They are great communicators and their philosophy was in line with ours. And even outside of the company, they are just great people."

Roeper is also excited about their new address.

"The City of Monroe has been absolutely phenomenal," she says. "They are excited to have us and we’re excited to be there."

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting is located at 4779 Red Bank Expressway, Cincinnati, OH 45227. For more information, call 513.561.6633 or visit

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