Down to the Details

Down to the Details

It’s risky to allow someone to come into your home, tear out an existing bath or kitchen, and then put it all back together. Doing more than one remodel requires a good bit of stamina and a high level of trust in the pros you hire.

For a West Chester family, one project became two, then three and now a fourth is about to start, all with one company – Kinsella Kitchens and Baths. The couple has complete faith in their designer, George Kinsella.

“We chose Kinsella for our master bath remodel because of the design, and George’s attention to detail,” says the husband. “We went back to them for the kitchen because of how well the bath turned out. While working on the kitchen design, we saw a photo of a ceiling detail they had done for another customer, and thought something similar would be perfect in our family room, which is our next project with them.”

The wife has an eye for the small details that make a room fabulous. “George listened to what I wanted, and had some great ideas of his own.” she says. “The master bath turned out perfectly, so we went back to George to do our kitchen.”

With the bathroom project, Kinsella identified two stub-walls that were wasting space and making the room feel boxed in. “When they were removed, it added enough length to allow for a make-up vanity with pullout storage left and right, and increased space between the two sink areas,” George said.

Before the kitchen remodel, the wife didn’t like how everyone sat around the desk to watch a 12-inch TV on the counter instead of sitting at the table or island. “We wanted to make room for a larger TV that was easier to see; and gain more refrigerator and freezer space,” she says. “We eliminated the desk and replaced it with the refrigerator and freezer, and George came up with the idea of putting the TV above the range hood.”

Kinsella saw the kitchen lay-out was perfect for placing the TV over the range. “The island seats face it directly, and it can be easily seen from the kitchen table, which is what the client asked for,” he says. “I’m so glad we could meet that need for them.”

The couple is happy their kitchen feels bigger now and the TV problem is solved. “Everyone in my family was afraid I was getting rid of the TV in the kitchen, but now it’s become the favorite spot,” she says. “Everyone sits at the island or the table and can see the TV.”

The family couldn’t be happier with their beautiful remodeled rooms. So happy, they can’t wait to start their next project with Kinsella Kitchens and Baths.

Kinsella Kitchens and Baths is located at 7880 Camargo Road, Cincinnati, OH 45243. For more information, call 513.561.5285 or visit

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