A Dentist Office Worth Smiling About

A Dentist Office Worth Smiling About

When it was time for Dr. Edward Hesse, the dentist who owns Ross Dental Group, to open a new location, he turned to an old friend to help with the design. 

"She (Grace Jones, owner and lead interior designer of Dwellings) had done work for my wife and myself, so I knew her personally going back 12 years," says Dr. Hesse. "She had done such a phenomenal job on our home that when we made the decision to move here I knew who I was going to call – Grace."  

The new location, which opened on April 13, 2015, gives Dr. Hesse and his team more space to accommodate their growing practice. "We wanted to create a space that was warm, attractive and very inviting for the patients – Grace and her team were able to create all of that," says Dr. Hesse. 

"One of the things that I think is unique is that Grace was able to pick up a sort of nuance of Dr. Hesse’s wife and what she would have envisioned and what she would have done because Grace had done work for her before. So there are little tastes of Dr. Hesse’s wife around the office, which is such a pleasure," says Melanie Burwinkel, office manager. 

Jones selected various shades of green and blue to create a warm environment in the reception area, hallways, foyer and patient rooms. 

"I trusted her 100 percent," says Dr. Hesse. "I think Grace has the ability to work with anyone’s personal preferences no matter what style they want to go with. I think Grace has the ability to deliver. She’s not forcing anything upon you that’s not her vision. She’s an expert." 

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