Getting You There and Back in Style

Getting You There and Back in Style

As long as humans have existed, one thing has been consistent: they travel. Over time, it has become more sophisticated, but boarding an airplane can still be a difficult feat, especially if you’re strapped for time. Those who work in an industry that demands they be in multiple locations in a short time span feel the pinch of crowded airports, long boarding lines and flight delays or cancellations. 

Ultimate Air Shuttle (UAS) is in business to eliminate those inconveniences for people who travel from Greater Cincinnati. The company provides VIP service to locations like Chicago, New York and Charlotte, N.C. For frequent flyers like Morris Lenczicki, vice president of communications and social responsibility for a company in New Jersey, Ultimate Air Shuttle’s quick and convenient service means he can spend more time with his family in Cincinnati.

 "I always traveled with a larger airline," says Lenczicki. "When I found out about Ultimate Air Shuttle five years ago, I decided to check it out because of their VIP service advertisements." After exploring the amenities UAS offers, he adds that the reason he’s decided to fly predominantly with them is they provide far more services and amenities than larger airlines. "The flights are always on time, they’re quick with handling the bags and they always have good food ready." 

Lenczicki, like many Americans, strives to balance his personal and professional life. Whether the UAS plane is flying out of CVG or Lunken Airport, the efficiency provides passengers with less time wasted in an airport and more time doing things that matter. "I can count on being home much more often, and I can be confident that if I leave New Jersey on a Friday morning, I’ll be home with my family on Friday night," says Lenczicki. 

Marcia Peller, corporate travel and relocation manager for Cintas Corporation, uses UAS whenever the company needs a flight. "At the time, larger carriers had been less ideal for our travel to Midway, so we looked into Ultimate Air Shuttle," says Peller. "We found it was better for us financially, because it cut down on overnight stays for our employees and partners. They can fly in the morning to make their meetings and be home in the evening. It made a lot of sensefor us." 

Cintas also uses UAS because the process of scheduling flights is much simpler. With no cancellation fees and the ability to reserve a flight easily, UAS is the perfect fit for a company full of employees on the go. "Economically, we don’t have to be concerned if something comes up and a flight needs to be cancelled," says Peller. "And with free parking at CVG and Ultimate Air’s shuttle, it makes it easy for our employees and partners to directly fly up and back." In addition, since passengers need to check in only 15 minutes prior to departure, productivity and mood aren’t hampered by long waits or lengthy boarding times. The TSA background checks occur prior to the time of the flight to expedite the process for clients as well. 

One thing Peller and Lenczicki agree on about flying with UAS: The free VIP amenities enhance the experience exponentially. Full breakfasts are offered for those boarding an early morning flight, while wine, beer and cheeses are offered for early afternoon flights. 

Lenczicki loves that UAS treats every passenger equally, with no distinction of first class or coach. "Everyone is the same and we’re all equally happy," he says. 

Meanwhile, Peller loves that Cintas often receives requests for feedback on new locations to where the company might want to fly. "I like that they ask their corporate partners for input," says Peller. "At first, I didn’t think the Charlotte destination would benefit us much, but in the end, we’ve flown partners there fairly often. It’s great to feel like we’re invested with them and they value our opinions." 

The VIP treatment doesn’t stop after a passenger departs the plane, a factor that keeps frequent flyers like Lenczicki and Cintas partners boarding UAS again and again.

Ultimate Air Shuttle is located at Lunken Airport, 4700 Airport Road, Cincinnati, OH 45226 and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), 2939 Terminal Drive, Hebron, KY 41048. You can reach them at 800.437.3931 or visit their website at

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