Highest Standards. Specialized Care. Healthiest Smiles.

Highest Standards. Specialized Care. Healthiest Smiles.

A visit to the dentist can stir up anxiety for much of the general population, yet Bell Dental Group (BDG) counteracts those concerns with a combination of compassion, respect and exemplary care for each patient. Twin brothers Dr. David Bell Jr. and Dr. Charles Bell have practiced dentistry together for more than 30 years in Cincinnati, continuing a family tradition generations in the making. 

Dr. Maggie Ernst joined BDG in September 2015, adding to the legacy established by the dentists Dr. David Bell Jr., Dr. Charles Bell and Dr. Mary Petrie. Becoming a partner of BDG was an ideal opportunity for Ernst, who grew up in Hyde Park. “I was a patient at Bell Dental Group most of my life, so I saw that side of the practice and always appreciated their effort and level of care,” says Ernst. Interested in joining the practice, she met with the other dentists. Their personalities and values aligned, making the partnership feel like a natural fit. 

A love of the sciences and patient relationships led Ernst to choose dentistry as her healthcare specialty. “Typically people only see their primary healthcare provider once a year for about 15 minutes,” says Ernst. “In dentistry, patients are hopefully coming in twice a year and if any work is needed I’m able to use that time to get to know them.” She attended the University of Dayton and the Ohio State University College of Dentistry, graduating with honors at the top of her class. 

Following graduation, Ernst completed a one-year residency at the Veteran Affairs Medical Hospital in Hampton, Virginia. The role presented Ernst with an opportunity to offer her support and dental qualifications to make veterans feel cared for and understood.

The BDG philosophy begins by making patients feel comfortable, valued and respected. Following a procedure, each patient receives a personal call from their dentist, in order to check on their wellbeing and to answer any questions the patient may have. Dentists also call new patients prior to their appointments to identify any concerns or issues.  

The dentists are able to effectively diagnose and treat dental issues with state-of-the-art technologies and advanced methods. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry are among the many services offered. Dentists at BDG specialize in treating sleep apnea, a condition with potentially severe medical implications. 

Invisalign is provided for patients who desire straightened teeth without traditional braces. BDG is the only general dental office in Cincinnati to be recognized as a 2015 Invisalign Premier Provider, based on their number of completed cases. 

Ernst explains her goals for this new partnership at BDG, “I strive to keep my patients happy and to become as talented a dentist as the other doctors in the practice. They’ve achieved an incredible reputation and I hope to meet that level.” 

Bell Dental Group is located at 2767 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208. You can reach them at 513.321.2278 or visit their website at www.belldentalgroup.com. 

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