Changing You for the Better

Changing You for the Better

Change is something that, though inevitable in everyone’s lives at one point or another, can be hard to achieve. Whether the change is something as small as keeping a tidier home or as large as re-evaluating a career path, finding the motivation to make changes in life can seem intimidating and difficult. In today’s fast-paced world, many people may feel they are simply too busy to spend time and energy on changing themselves.

It is because of this need for motivation that people hire Arlene Shuller to help them accomplish their goals. “It’s hard for anyone to change anything in their lives – change is hard,” says Shuller. “Everyone says they’re going to do it ‘tomorrow’.” She is able to insert herself into the lives of her clients and works to motivate them to make the changes they’ve been unable to accomplish on their own.

“When you make a commitment to someone, it brings about urgency,” she says. “It’s more likely you’re going to make changes when you have someone supportive that’s holding you accountable. That’s who I am.”

Shuller works with clients to help motivate them to take the necessary steps in the right direction. Whether it’s to bring about a change in their behavior, their home life or their workplace, Shuller is there to hold her clients’ hand while supporting and motivating them to take action in their lives.

“We get so stuck in ruts and habits, but when you have someone there to give you tips, tricks or strategies to help you change a habit, it can make all the difference,” she says. Her clients meet her once a week for half-hour sessions over a span of 10 weeks to gain all the tools and tricks they need to learn to help themselves. Shuller works to be flexible with meeting times, and may stay with a client for longer than their half-hour timeframe to ensure they’re able to stand on their own two feet once they leave her office. “The relationship that is established between myself and my clients is everything,” she says.

This is immediately apparent when speaking to a client whose life has been affected by her presence in their lives. “I knew after my first session with Arlene that my life would never be the same,” says Elaine Stone, senior executive assistant to the CEO of Fifth Third Bancorp.

“Due to some big changes in my professional life, I was questioning my identity and feeling very insecure about my future.” She explains that, after a friend recommended she visit Shuller and they spoke on the phone, Stone felt immediately confident that Shuller would be able to help her get back on the right track. “I had never felt so comfortable with someone so quickly in my life,” says Stone. “The trust I felt was immediate ... I knew I had just met the person who was going to fix me.”

Shuller provides motivation for a multitude of life’s problems and necessary changes, including stress at the holidays, parties, management for travel and assembling efficient meals.

eYou can reach Arlene Shuller at 513.404.5535 or by email at 

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