St. Joseph Home Stands for Compassionate Care

St. Joseph Home Stands for Compassionate Care

When it comes to compassionate care and the dignity of life, there is no better place than St. Joseph Home.

The professional staff, board of directors and volunteers of the Home are passionate about the mission to provide care for non-ambulatory children and adults who have profound developmental disabilities.

One of these volunteers is Rick Theders, chairman of the board of RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders. Well known for his business acumen, he is humble about his accomplishments as a board of directors member for St. Joseph Home and his time serving as a volunteer in the Home’s Day Program. He praises the center for all it does for those it serves.

St. Joseph Home board of directors vice-chair Rick Theders and vice president of operations Dan Connors work to further the SJH’s mission.

“St. Joseph Home offers a creative, loving place to serve the residents and families of children and adults with profound disabilities,” explains Theders. “It provides compassionate care and attention to an individual’s medical, social, learning and spiritual needs, as well as a home and extended family to all who reside there. It is a feel-good, down deep in your heart kind of place.”

A non profit sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, St. Joseph Home goes above and beyond to develop and share the gifts of its residents, whose contributions extend beyond the home.

From the St. Joseph Home’s Residential Program and Harold C. Schott Respite Center to the Adult Day Program, there are many ways St. Joseph’s Home goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care, dedicated service and faithful advocacy for the most vulnerable members of the community.

St. Joseph Home is home to 48 residents - children and adults - with complex medical needs. St. Joseph Home values and provides dignity of life for all residents. 

Theders explains that he is amazed every day he has the opportunity to volunteer or be at St. Joseph Home and see the difference the programs make in the lives of the residents. “The direct support professionals and nursing personnel who provide the daily hands-on care prove that it’s more than a job to each of them. The way they care for residents, look residents in the eye and heart, hugs given, words spoken. It makes the residents’ lives special every day, allowing them to grow in experiences encouraged by St. Joseph Home staff. Just walk down the halls pushing a resident in his or her wheelchair and listen how each staff member addresses the residents,” he says. “You’ll hear, ’Hello Katie,’ ‘Hi Chris,’ ‘How are you today Tommy?’ When you see the responding smile or look from the residents,” you know St. Joseph Home is making a difference in every resident’s life.

Board member Rick Theders volunteers with the St. Joseph Home Day Program staff and enjoys connecting with residents.

Introduced to St. Joseph Home by a friend, Rich Arnold, Theders had the opportunity to meet with St. Joseph Home president and CEO Michael Rench. It was important to Theders to find ways to offer his business experience and volunteer with a non profit organization.

“After meeting with Michael, touring St. Joseph Home and hearing of its mission, vision and future, as well as touring the cottages with Sister Joan, the rest was history,” says Theders

Now, Theders is part of the mission in helping the board guide the future of St. Joseph Home and also makes sure to spend time regularly volunteering directly with the residents.

He says his time at St. Joseph Home is as much or more of a gift for him as he is able to give the residents through his service. “The residents are the faces of Jesus,” he says. “Like Christ, they give us more than we have the chance to give them. The ability to care for one of God’s special children is so gratifying and fills your soul with pleasure. This opportunity to care for the resident is for their life. And with the exceptional quality of care at St. Joseph Home, they are often able to have a longer and more fulfilling life.”

“When you see the responding smile or look from the residents, you know St. Joseph Home is making a difference in every resident’s life.” – Rick Theders, SJH Board Member

With the rest of the board members, Theders helps guide the current programs as well as looks to the future of St. Joseph Home.

The Residential Program, based on a 33-acre campus in Sharonville, serves infants, children and adults with complex medical needs. With six cottages that are each outfitted with a living room, eight beds and bathing and kitchen areas, the Home serves 48 children and adults and is the only agency in Hamilton County of its kind. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has certified the Home as a Pediatric Ventilator Unit and five of the children served are ventilator dependent.

While the Residential Program provides long-term care, The Harold C. Schott Respite Center provides short-term care for up to eight guests. It often provides a much-needed break for families caring for a special needs child at home. Some families visit the Respite Center before placing a child within the Residential Program so they can gain first-hand knowledge of the services provided and build trust in the loving care of their family member.

Facilities in the St. Joseph Home’s campus are designed with residents in mind and allow them to take part in activities ranging from swimming in the Home’s indoor therapy pool to arts, crafts entertainment and more. St. Joseph Home provides residents the support they need to actively participate in the community, including educational, spiritual, social and professional development to achieve the dignity and purpose that comes with a full life.

Adult residents of St. Joseph Home enjoy weekdays at the St. Joseph Home’s Adult Day Program, located in Blue Ash just minutes from the main campus. The Day Program is where Theders often volunteers. The program provides recreation and leisure activities with a focus on sensory awareness, communication skills and community integration. With a state-of-the-art sensory room, classroom, natural outdoor areas and more, the Day Program has provided the opportunity for St. Joseph Home to develop personalized programs to help each person reach his or her potential.

Another way St. Joseph Home is striving to help personalize care is in focusing on the need to place residents in smaller settings. “Both the State of Ohio and federal regulations are encouraging smaller settings, and this is something we are incorporating in our future plans,” says Theders. “Community homes throughout the area will offer additional opportunities to continue to serve the most fragile of persons with profound disabilities and the growing needs of children on ventilators at the main St. Joseph Home campus.”

Construction for the first St. Joseph Community Home was completed in December 2014. The St. Joseph Community Home provides residential services to four adults with complex medical needs in a home that features a finished basement, individual bedrooms, guest quarters and much more. The St. Joseph Community Home is designed to provide members the maximum level of support they need so they are valued by, belong to and are able to fully participate in their community.

Just as Theders appreciates everything the staff does for its residents, the St. Joseph Home team is extremely appreciative of Theders and other volunteers. “ We are thrilled that Rick is part of our board of directors leadership and that he takes the time to personally connect with our residents,” says St. Joseph Home vice president of operations  Dan Connors. “We steward the community’s gifts of time or resources to continue to provide our residents exceptional care and ensure our place as a leader in the field.”

If you’re interested in getting involved, Theders encourages learning more. “There are so many ways to help, just ask,” he says.

There are also community events that help support the crucial St. Joseph Home mission. Coming up this summer, the St. Joseph Home’s 27th Annual Golf Classic takes place Monday, August 24 at Terrace Park Country Club. All proceeds help support the programs and compassionate care of the St. Joseph Homes.

Learn more about volunteering, events and opportunities to support the St. Joseph Home mission at or call 513.563.2520.  

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