VIDEO | WGU Ohio, Program Chair, IT: IT is Not a Cost Center

VIDEO | WGU Ohio, Program Chair, IT: IT is Not a Cost Center

(US and Canada) Ryan Whisler, Program Chair IT, WGU Ohio, speaks with KL Allen, Chancellor, WGU Ohio, about habits for success in IT, the IT team’s role in value creation, and how to begin a career in the industry.

Wisler shares advice for young IT professionals. He says the key is to become familiar with different technologies and be open to learning. He stresses asking questions, noting that one learns a lot when asked. Hearing someone else offer solutions often provides a new perspective.

Speaking about the role of IT today, he says that it has moved to the value creation front and is not a cost center. Instead, IT teams must see themselves as value creators who will propel change and make a difference in organizations. Whisler adds that IT is a young industry with miles to go and many new opportunities.

Speaking on how young students can break into the industry, he says that the key is just getting a foot in the door and not focusing on a title or role. They will get noticed and move up if they ask questions, learn and grow while keeping all options open.

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