VIDEO | Grant Thornton UK Head of Data, RegTech & Digital Advisory: We Put Our Clients First

VIDEO | Grant Thornton UK Head of Data, RegTech & Digital Advisory: We Put Our Clients First

(Europe) Niresh Rajah, Managing Director, Head of Data, RegTech, & Digital Advisory Practice at Grant Thornton UK, speaks with Jason Masker, Field Chief Technology Officer, Stratascale (an SHI company), in a video interview about key challenges being solved for clients and ways organizations can build up their data efficiencies.

Sharing key observations from solving client challenges, Rajah says that Grant Thornton puts the client first, understanding their requirements clearly and trying to be a trusted partner.

He highlights the following use cases:

  • Operationalizing a data strategy for a bank and helping it become more digitalized with its customer sets across business, corporate, and retail banking.

  • Assisting Chief Data Officers with good data management related to customer issues such as vulnerability, complaints, and regulations.

  • Creating data platforms for clients with support from data engineering, data science, and cloud capabilities.

  • Working with a global mining organization for data catalog tooling linked to master data management, data quality tooling, and data fabric creation.

  • Turning unstructured data into structured data to solve real-life problems.

Sharing advice for organizations aspiring to be more data-driven and build data efficiencies, Rajah highlights the following focus areas:

  • Simplifying the language and talking about benefits and outcomes and how they solve real-world problems for stakeholders.

  • Making every decision based on data.

  • Having a CEO and executive team that makes decisions based on data, not instinct.

  • Changing the organization's behavior and viewpoint to make data-driven decisions and link strategies to those decisions.

  • Teaching data literacy to everyone in the organization.

CDO Magazine appreciates Niresh Rajah for sharing his insights and data success stories with our global community.

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