Promethium Announces No-Code Federated Query Pipelines for Snowflake Data Cloud

Promethium Announces No-Code Federated Query Pipelines for Snowflake Data Cloud

(US and Canada)  Promethium announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to deliver federated query pipelines for the Data Cloud. Promethium’s federated query pipelines can enable Snowflake customers to publish a federated query created in Promethium to Snowflake’s platform with just a few clicks, without writing code or designing complex ETL pipelines. Data teams can now get data to Snowflake much easier and much faster. 

Data is the essential digital fuel that organizations rely on to drive crucial decisions, but with data trapped in silos accessing data is slow and difficult.  Promethium was designed to break down silos and enables fast on-demand cross-silo analytics using disparate on-premise and cloud data sources.

Snowflake created the Data Cloud to empower organizations to unlock the value of data with Snowflake’s single, integrated platform which eliminates on-premises and cloud-generated data silos, and with Promethium Snowflake customers can achieve even more from their Data Cloud investments.  

Specifically, Snowflake customers can use Promethium to accelerate data pipelines and move data to Data Cloud without the complexity and long wait times of traditional ETL and data migration.  Snowflake customers can benefit from:

Single View of Data - One single view of organization-wide data provides an instant understanding of what data is in Snowflake’s Data Cloud and what isn’t.  Intuitive natural language search makes finding and accessing the best fit data fast and easy.

Advanced Data Preparation - Powerful data preparation that can provide an easy user experience and real time results at each step without needing to move data first.

On Demand Federated Query - On demand federated query makes it possible to join data that is in Snowflake’s Data Cloud with data that isn’t, improving agility for faster decisions.  Then quickly get that data into Data Cloud by publishing the results of the federated query with one click using Promethium’s no-code federated query pipeline for Snowflake’s Data Cloud. 

No-Code Federated Query Pipeline Design - No-code federated query pipeline design gives 100x productivity boost to data engineers and enables instant validation and visualization to ensure the data is correct before publishing to Data Cloud - all without moving data first.

“Snowflake’s Data Cloud improves data accessibility by eliminating on-premises and cloud-generated data silos,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake. “With Promethium’s new federated query pipelines for Snowflake,organizations can accelerate the elimination of data silos and quickly boost their ability to make better, quicker business decisions.”

“Our customers have been using Snowflake with Promethium to make cross-silo analysis faster and easier,” said Kaycee Lai, CEO and Founder, Promethium. “Now with the introduction of no-code federated query pipelines for Snowflake’s Data Cloud Data Engineers can work smarter and respond to business needs faster than ever before.  This release continues our commitment to improved data accessibility for faster and better decisions.”

A new Promethium Free edition for Snowflake has been launched and is available now.  Learn more and sign up at

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