Tableau, Appoints Wendy Turner-Williams as Chief Data Officer

Tableau, Appoints Wendy Turner-Williams as Chief Data Officer

(US and Canada) Tableau, the world’s leading analytics platform announced the placement of Wendy Turner-Williams as the company’s Chief Data Officer.

In this role, Wendy manages the Enterprise Data Strategy, Data Platforms & Services, Data Governance & Management Maturity, Data Risk, and Data Literacy while also fueling innovation & operational excellence via business strategy-oriented AI & Analytics. Wendy also serves as a Customer Zero driving product persona, scenario, and requirement gaps back to both Salesforce & Tableau to improve the entire data experience. Wendy specializes in driving cultural changes that ensure Data as an Asset, Data by Design, and Trusted-Data which are all foundational in the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond.

Her top goal is ensuring Tableau maintains its data-focused culture while expanding that culture across Salesforce and including initiatives like data management maturity, data literacy, and business-value analytics. Other top priorities include ensuring the data integration between Salesforce and Tableau business processes, systems, and operating practices and providing Data as a Service — ensuring Tableau has discoverable, linkable high-quality data available when needed to provide value to business strategies

She joined Tableau after several years with parent company Salesforce, leading the Information Management & Strategy Enterprise program. She also worked at Microsoft on the Cloud and Enterprise Analytics & Insights Data Governance and Management team.

Wendy has a B.A. in History and has 20 + years of management experience working in Fortune 500 companies in the Telecom/Networking, Retail, Consulting, and Tech sectors. When not working, Wendy spends time with her family (4 girls), volunteering at local food banks and women's homeless shelters, and developing an educational application for dyslexic children.

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