VIDEO | Abbott Neuromodulation CIO: AI Helps Us Bring More Data and Suggestions to the Table

VIDEO | Abbott Neuromodulation CIO: AI Helps Us Bring More Data and Suggestions to the Table

(US and Canada) Nick Sims, Abbott Neuromodulation Business Unit CIO, speaks with Michael C. Fillios, IT Ally Founder & CEO and CDO Magazine Editorial Board Member, about the application of AI and the alignment between the business strategy and IT.

Over the years, Sims has been engaged in multiple industries like retail, financial services, manufacturing, and entertainment media. He joined Abbott after realizing the need and opportunity for applying data in the health space, specifically because his daughter had Abbott hardware in her body.

Speaking on the application of AI, big data analytics, and other innovative technologies in health, Sims points toward Neurosphere Virtual Clinic, an Abbott product that connects to the spine and helps the body avoid the feeling of chronic pain. He cites it as an example of using AI to understand and treat pain better.

Sims explains that AI helps the organization bring more data and suggestions to the table for humans to make better decisions. In his opinion, humans will get smarter with the use of AI in decision-making and product development.

In his role, Sims has been focused on making sure that the technology is in place to support the organization’s products and enable strong customer experiences.

When asked about the alignment between business strategy and IT, Sims shares that the strategic roadmap and business priorities are the focus area for his team. They spend a lot of time on field rides, with doctors, in the operating room, and with sales reps, to confirm that the things that were prioritized are actually helping meet business goals.

Sims adds that a key focus area is cybersecurity in order to maintain confidence among consumers and the broader healthcare industry.

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