VIDEO | Rappi Colombia Chief AI Officer: Traditional Companies Are Realizing AI’s Importance

VIDEO | Rappi Colombia Chief AI Officer: Traditional Companies Are Realizing AI’s Importance

(Latin America) Alejandro Correa, Rappi Colombia’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, speaks with Maria Espona, Professor at ArgIQ and CDOMagazine Editorial Board Member, in a video interview about the implementation of artificial intelligence in the Latam region, the role of government policies, and the demand for AI talent.

According to Correa, countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil have AI-specific public policies defining their AI strategy and how they plan to invest in the technology. He mentions three key areas of development:

  • There is interest from public entities that are creating the groundwork for more AI use.

  • Tech startups with strong AI capabilities are showing significant results.

  • Traditional companies are beginning to realize AI’s impact on their business models and invest in it.

Correa notes that traditional industries are realizing the need to invest further in AI, and the results of the broader adoption of these initiatives will be seen in the coming year.

For example, he cites a sizable Mexican conglomerate that decided to create an internal AI consultancy and provide services to its companies. Colombia is also experiencing something similar, Correa points out.

He says that every country in the region has an AI policy that focuses on talent. Although Correa acknowledges the lack of regional talent, he maintains that professionals in Europe, North America, and the United States are making offers to them.

Moreover, he stresses the importance of investing in government initiatives to provide AI and engineering training to a broader population.

CDO Magazine appreciates Alejandro Correa for sharing his insights and data success stories with our global community.

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