VIDEO | USPS OIG CDO: Our Mission Is About Increasing Efficiency

VIDEO | USPS OIG CDO:  Our Mission Is About Increasing Efficiency

(US and Canada) Ben Joseph, Chief Data Officer at USPS OIG, speaks with John Filipek, Federal Inside Sales Director at SHI, in a video interview about using data to increase efficiency, data modernization efforts, and the critical data issues that need to be tackled first.

Joseph says that the primary charge for the organization is to provide oversight in the postal domain to ensure there is no fraud, wastage, or abuse of the system. He adds that the overall mission is about increasing efficiency and ensuring accountability and integrity in the postal system. These areas rely heavily on technology investments and data.

According to Joseph, a CDO’s first step is ensuring the data is accessible and usable. The next step is to find the extent of the data, build the inventory, and then catalog it. A key goal is to ensure that the data feeding into the inventory is organized, cleaned, governed, and easily managed.

Next, Joseph talks about the importance of a unified user experience to make accessing and consuming information easier. For the USPS, the user experience must also be mobile-friendly for field users.

In conclusion, he notes that the products undergo continuous user testing and research to find efficiencies, automation, and ways to integrate more information to create a global user experience.

CDO Magazine appreciates Ben Joseph for sharing his insights and data success stories with our global community.

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