VIDEO | Dover Corporation Chief Digital Officer: Digital Transformation Is a Change Management Exercise

VIDEO | Dover Corporation Chief Digital Officer: Digital Transformation Is a Change Management Exercise

(US and Canada) Girish Juneja, SVP, Chief Digital Officer, Dover Corporation, speaks about the culture shift for digital transformation, prioritizing product versus process, and digital adoption’s role in digital transformation.

Juneja states that another name for a CDO should be Change Driver Officer because digital transformation is a change management exercise. He notes that the role of a change agent, like a CDO, is to identify what makes the organization work, market changes that may have a negative impact, and then focus on the ones that require change.

He identifies another aspect — the role habits play in transformation — since change takes place at an individual level. The responsibility is to make people aware, identify the need for change, make people feel empowered as a part of the change, and then reinforce it through constant updates on the impact of the change.

Sharing his views on prioritizing products versus internal processes, he says that it is not one or the other. Explaining further, he says that if the organization has not absorbed the change of pace and processes driven by digitization, it will be difficult to drive growth from a new digital product as it will require new procedures.

Juneja then speaks about the role of digital adoption in transformation. He says that digital transformation is not successful until a certain level of adoption is achieved. He cites the example of digitizing the customer-facing interface to make it self-enabled.

He mentions that it is only the technology part of digital transformation followed by the crucial adoption stage, without which transformation is nothing but technology deployment.

He breaks adopters into thirds. The first third will adopt change immediately. The second requires a lot of training and incentives. The last third will say the manual processes from yesterday were better.

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