VIDEO | Deloitte Digital MD: Start Small But Think Big

VIDEO | Deloitte Digital MD: Start Small But Think Big

(US and Canada) David Chan, Managing Director of Deloitte Digital, speaks with Kellie De Leon, Senior Director of Marketing at Treasure Data, in a video interview about the customer data platform’s stakeholders, unbundling the platform, and the ideal approach to choosing solutions for the future.

Chan believes that the CMO, the Chief Digital Officer, the Chief Technology Officer, and the Chief Data Officer can lead CDP conversations. They also involve business, sales, service, and more. He maintains that everyone seeks a faster path to value but urges stakeholders to start small and think big. Data models should be designed while considering multiple future use cases.

With the CDP, you get a total cost and product support package. Chan notes. As for the idea of "unbundling" the CDP, he says it originated from companies that didn't want to buy a suite of products and followed a "do-it-yourself" mentality. He explains, however,  that this approach does not work for everybody because some companies lack the technical capacity. Chan urges clients to think about what they need today and the technology stack required to support the customer data strategy as it evolves.

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