VIDEO | Data4Good - Sustainable Cities & Communities Award Winner: Qlik

VIDEO | Data4Good - Sustainable Cities & Communities Award Winner: Qlik

(US and Canada) CDO Magazine and EDM Council congratulate Qlik for winning the inaugural 2022 Data4Good Award in the Sustainable Cities & Communities category. In a video interview, Julie Kae, Qlik Executive Director and VP of Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, speaks with Jim Halcomb, Head of Product Management, EDM Council, about Qlik's initiative and partnership with the C40 Cities to support climate action and the organization’s passion for leveraging technology to solve global problems.

As a technology company, Qlik helps customers worldwide to leverage data better for decision making. Speaking on the partnership with C40 Cities, Kae says that the organization is helping them use technology to better leverage data to achieve climate change goals.

She explains that the C40 Cities team needed a common data platform to share their programs happening within the cities. They needed metrics about what was working and what wasn't so they could learn and identify key takeaways.

Qlik created a knowledge hub and a data platform that enabled the cities to collaborate and effectively use data to learn and measure the progress of the various programs and efforts addressing climate change. Kae emphasizes that Qlik is approaching it as an opportunity and a responsibility to help organizations on the climate change frontlines.

She adds that Qlik supports hundreds of nonprofits. Her colleagues worldwide have opportunities to volunteer and support these organizations and leverage data and Qlik’s platform effectively.

Kae shares that the awards and recognition for their work instill pride in Qlik’s efforts to address global challenges. In conclusion, she adds that a part of Qlik’s mission is to get the word out that there are organizations full of talented and intelligent individuals working diligently to do the same.

CDO Magazine appreciates Julie Kae for sharing her insights and data success stories with our global community.

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