VIDEO | Data4Good - Life on Land Award Winner: Microsoft

VIDEO | Data4Good - Life on Land Award Winner: Microsoft

(US and Canada) CDO Magazine and EDM Council congratulate Microsoft for winning the inaugural 2022 Data4Good Award in the Life on Land category. Kaitlin Chuzi, Director of Biomimicry at Microsoft, speaks with Mike Meriton, Co-Founder and COO of EDM Council, in a video interview about Microsoft's use of biomimicry to assess ecosystem performance, the support from the organization’s senior leadership, and the planetary computer initiative.

Chuzi explains that biomimicry is an innovation discipline for learning from nature to solve problems. She reveals that the findings help Microsoft inform its data center construction — specifically in North Holland — which is part of Microsoft's Amsterdam data center region. She says that Microsoft aims to renew and revitalize areas surrounding its data centers, resulting in mutual regenerative value for the local community and the environment.

Regarding data’s role, Chuzi says that the path to net zero depends on reliable and consistent measurements. She adds that Microsoft is dedicated to building a better world and will continue to innovate and invest to meet these commitments. The mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Chuzi emphasizes that for technologies like AI to be effective, the data must be trustworthy. Otherwise, it can compromise decision accuracy and delay decisions and actions. She mentions Microsoft’s active leadership support, noting the organization is committed to principled, transparent, and accountable business conduct.

Sharing a glimpse into Microsoft’s plans, Chuzi mentions the planetary computer initiative and notes the following focus areas:

  1. The planetary computer will solve the core data access problems for planetary-scale challenges ranging from scientific research to enterprise-grade applications.

  2. Microsoft will continue to grow the network of partners developing impactful environmental sustainability applications using the planetary computer’s data and services. 

  3. Microsoft will award “AI for Earth” grants to research and nongovernmental organizations for leveraging cloud and AI technology to access data, create high-resolution maps, and inform data-driven decision-making.

CDO Magazine appreciates Kaitlin Chuzi for sharing her insights and data success stories with our global community. 

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