VIDEO | Data4Good - Gender Equality Award Winner: Gotara

VIDEO | Data4Good - Gender Equality Award Winner: Gotara

(US and Canada) Gotara has won CDO Magazine’s Inaugural 2022 Data4Good Award in the Gender Equality category. In a video interview with Savio Rodrigues, VP Client Partnership, Trianz and CDO Magazine Editorial Board Member, Gotara Founder & CEO D Sangeeta, speaks about the driving force behind Gotara, the organization’s mission and the approach to leveraging data to drive gender equality in the technology workforce.

Sangeeta reveals that the concept of Gotara, a career growth platform for women in STEM, originates in her personal experiences of studying and working in male-dominated environments. As she rose to the executive level and started coaching women to help them grow, she wanted to take it to millions of people.

She discloses that the highest attrition of the professional population of women is in the technology and data fields. Sangeeta states that a company loses every time a woman leaves and it eventually also impacts the GDP. She stresses that organizations need to do a better job at retaining women, growing them, and creating a pipeline of leaders.

Speaking on the approach to leveraging data for the betterment of society Sangeeta says that Gotara collects behavior and impact data to identify the root causes of the problem. The data is then leveraged to provide opportunities for career sprints and to supercharge the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at organizations.

She further adds that the organization is committed to and passionate about gender equality and aims to create a self-sustained business that creates income and profits for individuals, companies, and countries.

When asked about the role of good data governance in having a greater impact on society Sangeeta says that having data is great for driving business, but it is equally important to use data responsibly.

She mentions that Gotara uses PII data responsibly and provides safe spaces for individuals to discuss sensitive issues. Professionals can ask a question and get advice within 24 hours from people who have had similar experiences without having to reveal personal information.

CDO Magazine appreciates D Sangeeta for sharing her insights and data success stories from Gotara with our global community.

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