Building the Global Village One IT Solution at a Time

Building the Global Village One IT Solution at a Time

When you’re working on an important project and realize you need that special tool and some help using it, the right neighbor makes all the difference in the world. For companies that are busy building all around the globe, ITCube is that dream neighbor.

What initially began with a core group working with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2003 has evolved into an international provider of IT solutions for businesses far and wide. Through software development and testing, as well as masterful knowledge processing, ITCube has helped many of their clients experience significant growth and expansion. And they’ve grown right along with them. Now with nearly 600 employees at their headquarters in India, ITCube continues to leverage their proven methodology and expertise with existing and new partners. 

Anil Rajadhyaksha, CEO of ITCube’s marketing office in Blue Ash, Ohio, emphasized the competitive advantage of rightsourcing many IT needs. “Because of current technologies, you don’t have to be at a particular location, but you can be anywhere in the world and still provide the same quality of service. It’s as if we are next door.”

Rajadhyaksha also stressed how ITCube has been able to provide such a high level of consistency and reliability for an expanding and very diverse family of clients in industries as varied as their locations. Whether they are helping a real estate company in Denver, a construction company in Philadelphia or a medical records enterprise in Los Angeles, ITCube’s adherence to their own proven process is central. The first step in this process is accurately and thoroughly understanding the business context of each client. They are eager to learn about the various market conditions and opportunities in general so they can help their clients amplify their own specific resources. “The whole key to our success is how competent we are to understand somebody’s problem without being in the same office on an ongoing basis,” Rajadhyaksha added.

Tom Chappelear, president of Supply Chain Finance in Nebraska, confirmed how ITCube’s willingness and ability to observe translated into profoundly accurate assessments and powerful tools. With the goal of helping pharmacies manage and maximize their prescription deliveries and reign in costs, Chappelear was in need of tailored IT solutions. “I talked with a number of software programmers who had no interest in learning about our market and our needs. They just wanted to provide software based on what we thought we needed. ITCube came in and analyzed our situation and were able to come up with really insightful observations that made us ask, ‘How did you know that?’ As a result, they proposed an automated software tracking tool which has proved to be very powerful. We were really impressed with their ability to be on time and within budget.”

ITCube’s commitment to crafting savvy business solutions along with maintaining regular communication throughout development and installation contributes to surpassing client expectations. Dustin Schwarz, director of operations with The Rainmaker Group in Boulder, Colorado, illustrated how partnering with ITCube translated into an evolving and expanding relationship.

“We began working with ITCube to data mine phone calls and emails in late 2013. We started by training one associate and have worked our way up to the approximately 70 people helping us today. We now utilize ITCube for call scoring, analytics, product implementations and support, quality control and PHP development. As we have grown our business, IT Cube has always been able to offer the right kind of personnel and scaled excellently when we experienced periods of rapid growth. ITCube has been a true business partner for us. I’ve appreciated their ability to offer leadership, quality control and Six Sigma support for our team by using the institutional knowledge gained through other processes.”

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner as well as being ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certified, ITCube is recognized internationally for maintaining and managing the strictest standards of customer satisfaction. This external verification confirms ITCube’s uncompromising commitment to the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy. They are poised and prepared to be that helpful neighbor for new opportunities in Ohio and around the world. 

ITCube/Cubeworks is located at 10999 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 134, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, call 513.443.6971 or visit or

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